Gopher the Gold

The Albany Ad Club hosted the ADDY Shack Awards Friday night at The Vista at Van Patten Golf Club, as you’ve probably deduced, there was a golf theme. We were true to Tramp form and went in full Caddyshack regalia.


We rented a bus so that our team and significant others could travel together. Each year as we look back on the work we do, it’s undeniable that part of what makes our creative click is the time we spend together, whether it’s belting rock ballads in the back of a bus or witnessing a wedding together. Between our wild hats and outlandish sock and club pompoms,  it turned out to be another great night in Trampoline award history.

We took home a Gold ADDY in the category of Ambient Media Guerrilla Marketing Single Occurrence, for our Death on Display Viewfinder project created on behalf of the Glens Falls Hospital Health Promotion Center. The juxtaposition of the custom illustrations and viewfinder, taking audiences back to the mindset of a playful child all the while conveying a message of certain death, created a very powerful effect.



We earned a Silver ADDY in the Collateral Material, Annual Report category for our Moments of SeriousFun 2014 Annual Report for the SeriousFun Children’s Network. As the parent organization of Double H Ranch, SeriousFun provides us with opportunities to put our design and passion to work in ways that we know will literally change lives.


On the subject of Double H, the work we created to host our first ever Friendraiser also earned a Silver ADDY in the category Collateral Material Special Event Material Card, Invitation, Announcement – Campaign.



Also receiving a Silver ADDY nod was the map we created for the Adirondack Museum. It’s no secret that we are proud map geeks. This map was in the Visual Illustration Single category.



There was a significant amount of work on display for higher ed clients by many different agencies. Having Trampoline called for another Silver ADDY on behalf of Paul Smith’s College in the category Direct Marketing Public Service Collateral Brochure/Sales Kit for the Paul Smith’s College Student Viewbook and Field Guide felt great. An extended member of the Trampoline team is an alum of the school, which it makes it that much sweeter. 12C_137090_02_ALB

Zipping south to the Catskills, the commercial we created for Belleayre Mountain Ski Area received a Silver ADDY in the Online/Interactive Campaign category. Winning that was as enjoy-Belle as producing the spot!


Keeping in thematic lockstep, the next award was for our Druthers submission in the Direct Marketing Specialty Advertising Other Merchandise category. It was, of course, a branded snowboard.


We made two more trips to the podium as the tap handles we designed for Druthers were recognized with a Silver ADDY in the Sales Promotion Point of Purchase Counter Top category. This tap makes each beer enjoyable, whether you’re pulling it behind the bar or from a pint glass. Cheers.


The last award was a Visual Illustration Series Silver ADDY for illustrations we created for the Druthers Brew Company in Albany. The series created a regional sense of place, while celebrating the idea that everything is a just a little bit better when you have your Druthers.79B_132184_02_ALB


We say this year after year, but it remains true, the awards and the pageantry (or tomfoolery) that go along with them are great, but it’s the enduring relationships with clients and the continued pursuit of the next great idea that gets us up in the morning and keeps us at our desks until the job is better than done.



Pull It Together!

Way back in June 2015, I ran into Taylor Gillis of Troy Cloth & Paper at the LARAC Arts Festival in Glens Falls. As I drooled over their plethora of screen printed goods, I mentioned how much I enjoyed their Troy Night Out “Print Off” series. A little background: on the last Friday of every month, the city of Troy hosts Troy Night Out, “a monthly arts and cultural event that…draws thousands of people…to enjoy art events, music venues, fine restaurants as well as unique boutiques of all varieties”.

To my delight, Taylor asked if Trampoline would be interested in designing a poster in the upcoming months. Obviously, I jumped at the chance and we were assigned the month of February. The theme for our month was Louis Comfort Tiffany, since Downtown Troy has an exceptional collection of original Tiffany stained glass dating back to the turn of the century (and his birthday happened to coincide with the anniversary of the Troy BID). The Art History geek in me was elated.

We discussed the project in the shop and started concepting. We picked a Speckltone Kraft stock from French Paper Co. and started exploring color. After narrowing it down to three colorways, we all agreed the green and blue hues fit best with the work of Tiffany.

Exploring colorways

Exploring colorways

Troy Cloth & Paper only pulled 50 of these posters and once they’re gone, they’re gone! You can grab one here. We were bummed that we couldn’t be in attendance during Troy Night Out (we were celebrating Matt’s elaborate birthday party in Glens Falls), but we excitedly watched TC&P’s updates on social media.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 12.30.29 PM

Today, we received our sample posters and couldn’t be happier with how they look. Thanks to Taylor and the rest of the team at Troy Cloth & Paper for the opportunity and their awesome work! Can’t wait to see what they come up with in March. Cheers!


A video paints 50,000 words

Our research consistently tells us that prospective college students want to be able to picture themselves at a school before they ever set foot on campus. To that end, video content is a crucial component for outreach and impact with teenagers. Trampoline and Paul Smith’s College have teamed up to produce a series of videos highlighting various majors and disciplines that are far from run of the mill.

In just shy of six weeks, the first four videos have amassed over 50,000 total views on the Paul Smith’s Facebook page. Each video has been shared over 200 times, drawing positive comments from students, faculty and alumni alike.

We’ve seen the campus in all kinds of weather and have been lucky to have a bird’s eye view of what it truly means to be a “Smitty.” Telling these stories in this way is an example of doing what you love.


“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.”
― Henry David Thoreau, Walden




We didn’t just get our boots dirty, we got our faces wet and had our breath taken away by the spectacular campus, faculty, and students.


Here’s a first look at the next video in the series, highlighting the Baking program and, yes, as a matter of fact we did sample the confections. Maybe twice.


Four additional videos are in the editing suite and will be premiering soon. We’re looking forward to showing all that is available and maybe showing off some of the skills we picked up along the way.

A particularly compelling message, on campus and beyond, is that transfer students are quickly accepted into the Smitty life. The idea of being able to restart or pick back up without fear of having missed your chance is incredible. The team that supports transfer students at the college is passionate and driven.


There are so many avenues for getting out, and in the case of Paul Smith’s College, it means outdoors and out into the workforce.





We’re headed back up to the “middle of everywhere” tomorrow to capture footage for the next video in the series—Recreation and Adventure. Forecast calls for snow, we anticipate another lesson in the incomparable beauty of the Adirondacks.

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