Turning a Location into a Destination

As a full-service marketing agency, we have our hands in a lot of pies. Marketing as a whole may sound straightforward, but the marketing needs of, say, a small business are worlds away from that of a university, and marketing for a destination is another matter altogether. Even within the specific niche of destination marketing, no two locations are alike, and each place has unique strengths and pain-points that we take into account when developing a strategy.

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Surviving Instagram in 2018

Instagram has over 800+ million engaged monthly users. The photo-sharing platform is on track to hit a billion users this year, and currently boasts an estimated $100 billion market value. And while it falls behind its parent company, Facebook, in size and value, it outpaces Facebook’s engagement rates by over 15%.

While using Instagram may seem as simple as posting an image and calling it a day, the Instagram algorithm plays an important role in determining what each person sees when they open their phone. These parameters are an ever-changing puzzle, but if you understand how to leverage the rules you can take your Instagram—and your business—to the next level.

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You have 215,000 new friend requests.

Here at Trampoline, we create a lot of content. How much content? Check out our “30 Days of Logos” series on Instagram. It’s easy to share rebrands and video clips on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but it’s harder to condense what we do for social media down to 1920 by 1080. Our work for Warren County Tourism has been a case study in growth and maintaining long term success. As our three-year contract comes to a close, we’re taking a moment to reflect on our time with @LakeGeorgeArea.

In the summer of 2015, we jumped at the chance to apply our take on the region we call home. Warren County tasked Trampoline to increase their online footprint, drive traffic to their sites, and add followers. Our solution was to push high quality content with a consistent brand voice on a regular basis. Rather than telling people to come visit, we wanted to show them exactly why a trip to the Lake George Area was worth their time and money.

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Summer Favorites; Beverage Edition

It’s no secret that the staff here at Trampoline enjoy a good drink or two. So much so that we’ve dedicated a significant chunk of our working lives to them. Visit the office and you’ll find a well stocked fridge, bar, kegerator, and coffee pot. Catch our team on the weekend enjoying a variety of alcohol related pastimes, from brewing beer (Staci is our fearless leader in this regard) to jamming out at a local watering hole. It’s safe to say we take our fluids very seriously.

For most of us, the competition for our beverage of the summer was stiff, no pun intended. The following list is a collection of drinks, artwork, and thoughts on what it means to be refreshed in the summer months. Pour yourself a beverage of your choice (we don’t judge!), sit back, and pick our brains. Read more

All That is Created & Not Used

The office works like an apple tree, roots deep in the community, with everyone growing tall within the agency. Ideas branch off, stretching out, branching again, more ideas and refining and details. It’s exciting to watch everything take shape. So many hours are spent thinking about how to make each idea successful, and by the time the finished product reaches the client every possible detail has been critiqued and discussed. Some ideas are pruned, left on the cutting room floor, their seeds saved for another time. Others are developed fully, blossoming and growing fruit. Eventually, everything deemed worthy is harvested, gathered up and packaged up for inspection by the client.

You bring the client your best work; work you know will make an impact; a basket of perfectly ripe, beautiful apples.

The client tells you they prefer peaches.

My past three months at Trampoline were not spent designing, but rather writing and observing. As a media intern, my point of view was not that of a designer pitching their ideas, but that of the consumer, awed by the talent and sheer volume of work that passes over these desks each day. And the most shocking part to me, as someone who has always been moved by good design but without a clue of what goes into it, was that for every finished product, there are stacks of other options, either finished or close to, that were rejected by the clients.


So by the time that you, the consumer, reach for the 6 pack of beer with the funky labels that caught your eye at the store, that packaging has grown from a single idea to a franken-design made up of a collection of parts from other ideas and other designers. Rarely, if ever, does a project go from start to finish without a series of noes. Although it can be disheartening to think of all the effort and resources put into work that will never see production, in truth, these misfit designs are an essential part of the process. Maybe they’ll be reworked into a new project, or used as an example of the capabilities of the agency. Maybe they just act as a creative exercise to push the project into a new territory.

Wherever these ideas end up after they’re trimmed from the tree, they serve as the tinder that keeps the creative fire burning.


Author: Megan Erickson, Media Intern 2016

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