For the meaning of life, and also for a new member to join the Trampoline family! Every person that we add to the mix here in the studio shapes who we are. We hire great people and see where they shine to mold positions around them.

A large group of co-workers have a planning meeting as they stand around table.

The morning huddle, going over deadlines and meetings.

Our current opening is for an enthusiastic, resourceful and creative Communications and Production Associate. This is a unique, exciting position that supplements both the account and creative teams in order to serve our clients. We like to immerse ourselves in the culture and voice of our clients in order to help best tell their stories, and we hope you do, too.

Six people stop and pose for a picture at Wildcat Mountain.

Reporting for duty mountainside at Wildcat Mountain.

One day you’ll be writing an Instagram post, the next, you’ll be researching vendors who can source merchandise, and the next, you’ll be meeting with a client to kick off a new project.

– Manage day-to-day client projects including but not limited to oversight of creative production, timelines, budgets, verbal and written correspondence with clients.

– Research and develop third-party quotes and coordinate production process with designers and vendors.

– Manage client advertising budgets, develop plans and place media on behalf of clients.

– Support Partners and Account team on large client accounts, projects, and/or business development activities, as needed.

– Effectively collaborate with internal creative teams, business partners, and vendors.

– Manage Trampoline and client social media strategy, content curation, ideation, and execution. Access and interpret analytics and report back to clients and Senior Leadership team.

This role requires strong:

  • Attention to details
  • Organization skills
  • Creative written and oral communication skills
  • Customer service (internal and external)
  • Basic math skills
Five co-workers and one teenager stand arms laced before a 5k race.

Rotary 5k in Tramp Track shirts.

Our team and culture are unique, and we’re looking for an extraordinary person to join us. You don’t have to know it all, but you do have to be willing to learn. A degree is preferred. This position is located at our Glens Falls office and is full-time with benefits.

An iPhone screen showing people in a brewing facility.

Could this be you?


If interested please send resumé, cover letter, and work samples to:





Seeing the People Behind the Project

I sat in the corner of the basement room on a cold, metal chair, surveying people. One by one, they stood to talk about the importance of the work they do. Their eyes lit up and their hands fluttered as they told stories of the people they help on a daily basis. It’s one of my favorite things about this job, watching people light up. Claire Murphy, Executive Director of L.E.A.P., talked about the children who participate in the Head Start program. Kim Cook, President and C.E.O. of Open Door Mission, emphasized the importance of meeting people where they are and helping them to learn the “rules” of entering the job force. Kim Sopczyk, Executive Director of Family Services, spoke about how someone came into her office that very morning, inquiring about where they could get a winter coat.


Sitting in that room among people who spend every day caring for others and trying to lift people up was humbling. I was there to document the event for L.E.A.P, but it became about more than a single day. I thought about my 10-month-old son who needs his first winter coat, and how expensive they are. Thankfully, the organizations we partner with can help people find what they need, and we can play a small part in helping them navigate their way there.

It’s easy to get stuck in your own world, but it’s those times when you learn about others’ stories that you realize how much more is wrapped up in the word community, and your gratitude multiplies.

We provide design assistance, help increase awareness and elevate the identity of programs, which can truly make an impact. But maybe the biggest outcome is sharing their stories after the work is done.


Good designers know that there is always more to learn. It’s an interesting industry to be a part of, like a log rolling contest. The rules and methods are constantly changing, and designers are systematically challenging the status quo. You have to keep shifting your feet to keep up, otherwise you’ll end up in the drink.

One of the ways we do that is to learn from fellow designers. On Monday, four of our designers attended an intensive logo workshop at SUNY Adirondack with one of the greats, Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Company.

We filed into a tightly-packed classroom filled with computers, and waved hello to a few friendly designer colleagues and students who we recognized. The room buzzed with excited anticipation, wondering how many swear words and pearls of wisdom Mr. Draplin would bestow upon us.

Aaron Draplin running the design workshop.

Dressed in one of his signature trucker caps, full beard and sweat pants (he is a rockstar on the road, after all), he absorbed the energy in the room and began the workshop. He whizzed through Illustrator quick keys and stories about past clients as we fervently scribbled notes and sketches in our books. He told the story behind his work for President Obama and opened up his working files to show us how he works on a daily basis. “Don’t tweet this!” he’d proclaim, followed by “Keys to the kingdom!”

Aaron Draplin running the design workshop.

One of the most interesting anecdotes he shared was his journey from Michigan to Portland, Oregon. (He and Staci later shared a moment when they talked after the workshop and discovered that his mom hails from the same hometown that she does: Livonia, Michigan.)

Draplin's hand drawn map of Michigan.

After the workshop, the entire team sat in on his presentation—filled with the same heartwarming, hilarious and inspiring design stories, more swear words, and insight into the design industry.

Our team came away feeling inspired and refreshed, excited to have touched base with a designer we all admire. We laughed and shared, and came to work the next day with the tips we’d learned fresh in our minds.

Design is all about evolving, listening to the world, and moving people with the art we create. And when we learn and get inspired together, we benefit as a team. You see it in the work we produce. As he stated when he closed out the workshop, “I know this is going to sound really ‘Bob Ross-y’, but inspiration is infinite. Catalog those things around you.”

Draplin puts Rob in a headlock.


Design delivered from the 518

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