Longterm Giving

Longterm Giving
The Double H Ranch, a division of the Hole in the Wall Camps founded by Paul Newman and Charlie Wood, has been a member of the Trampoline client family since Trampoline’s inception. As one of our longest standing clients, the Ranch has become a part of the fabric here at Trampoline, predating the birth of six Trampoline babies, the employment of 4 staff members, and two new office spaces.  Over the course of those years, Trampoline has enjoyed watching this functional client relationship grow and evolve.
It’s a privilege working with the warm, enthusiastic and incredibly capable staff at the Ranch and now, in addition to the numerous design projects we’ve created on behalf of the Ranch, we have also begun contributing in a very important and meaningful way. Paula, our Business Manager at Trampoline and a Registered Nurse has spent one day a week up at the Ranch volunteering her time to assist the many campers as they make their way to camp this summer.
Longterm Giving 1
The beloved Double “H” tree.
Longterm Giving 2
Check-in day with Double H. Getting to know the campers and counselors.
Just as our personal connections to the Ranch have grown, so too has the scope of the projects required by the Ranch. This year provided one of the most challenging projects to date.
Offered a matching grant, the Ranch was tasked with raising $30,000 of new contributions as the first phase of a three-year fundraising effort. Trampoline was charged with creating materials to help secure these gifts.
As our team brainstormed, we developed a cost-effective sponsorship piece that included an audience-specific sleeve and custom illustration of the Ranch grounds. Called to “Blaze a Trail”, this map served as both a call to action and keepsake for donors.  Loved among the team at the Ranch, this illustration has also been included in several other long-term marketing projects.
Longterm Giving 3
Longterm Giving 4
Empowered with effective sponsorship materials that speak to the unique atmosphere and experience at Double H, the Ranch has so far seen a tremendous response to this campaign. Just in year one however, there is a long way yet to go and Trampoline is excited to be a part of the next phase of the campaign.
You too can be a part of the magic that exists at the Ranch by becoming a sponsor, whether for $25, a day at camp, or a week. No gift is too small. So become a trailblazer, you’ll never regret it.