Poster Retrospect

It’s time for us to take a look back at summer, that brief stretch in Upstate New York when snow doesn’t cover the window panes, nor condensation dot the inside. Poster season. Ours was an active one and here, in no particular order, are some of our favorites from 2011.
Poster Retrospect 7
This crimson composition greeted returning students at Suny Plattsburgh as part of a series that identified up-and-coming undergrads.
Poster Retrospect 6
Universal Preservation Hall played host to a series of performances presented by Applause Factory. Acts included the Max Weinberg Big Band, Collin Hay, and John Sebastian. Our favorite, however, was the poster for Lisa Loeb. Mostly because she signed it: Design Tramps Rock.
Poster Retrospect 5
As owners of a retail store in the City of Glens Falls, it was nice for us to have an involvement in event promotion for downtown. In October we worked on posters for the first-ever Stew Fest, and, on the heels of that success, a Halloween street-celebration to pull families with young kids to the very heart of our region.
Poster Retrospect 4
Rock Hill Bakehouse proudly sources a majority of ingredients from right here in New York State. They operate with a commitment to buying local, supporting sustainability and making better bread. The poster above identifies their sources and suppliers and also shows the stores, markets and co-ops downstate and in New England that sell Rock Hill Bread on a regular basis.
Poster Retrospect 3
Parks Heritage Federal Credit Union services the Healthcare industry here in the North Country. In an effort to speak directly to potential members, a series of posters was created, each with a specific audience. They’re hanging in fire houses, Doctors’ offices and EMT squads (above).
Poster Retrospect 2
In an effort to build anticipation from two-plankers everywhere, we designed a new poster with an old look for Nine.
Poster Retrospect
The Adirondack Theatre Festival’s mid-season show, set in a snowed-in airport, provided polka-dot direction for this orange-and-blue number.