Old friends, new work.

Late last week I was sitting comfortably in the Acupuncture Studio’s new digs, just a short walk from the Trampoline office in Downtown Glens Falls. It was my first treatment in their just-opened location, but I’ve been a patient of theirs for years.
In fact, this is the third location that their business has occupied. First they had a fairly standard medical office in Queensbury, then they transformed a funky warehouse space into a destination, and now their new spot is a combination of the best of each.
As I nodded off with an armful of needles, my tension left and it occurred to me that Kevin and Cindy Campopiano have been clients and friends of ours for more than seven years, now.
Old friends, new work
That meant two things to me: The first—We work well together, and understand each other. This doesn’t always happen in business, especially with regard to creative and communications. Sometimes expectations don’t match. Sometimes egos get in the way. Sometimes it’s just not a fit.
The second meaning is a more personal one—if they’ve been a client for seven years and we’ve been in business for, meh, about nine, then it means they took a risk on us. Early on, when people hadn’t seen our work, before we had awards to brag about, when we needed clients.
That started me thinking, and by now the needles were really starting to work, who else has partnered with Trampoline for that stretch of time? It’s a short list, as clients come and go, needs change, businesses are sold or people move on. As our agency has grown, we’ve expanded our geographic footprint, and discovered a few niche markets where we communicate especially well. But, like the Acupuncture Studio, our oldest clients are all local accounts, and—undeniably—still some of our favorite people to work with. And the work continues:
The Fund for Lake George
We’ve worked with the Fund since 2003. We’ve helped 3 different Executive Directors communicate the need for lake science and stewardship, protecting our region’s most treasured resource. In 2010 Trampoline illustrated and designed a 60 page guide to help landowners manage their property in ways that would keep the lake free from harm.
Old friends, new work 2
The book won an EPA Award and the illustrations were award winners as well. Peter Bauer just signed on with Trampoline to create another volume, this one, a 200 page tome that spans 30 years of scientific data. We’re ready to show the impacts to water quality, in the hope that things will change.
Sacandaga Outdoor Center
Johnny Duncan signed with us during our first summer in business and we’ve followed him back and forth from the rapids of the Hudson to the slopes of Alta ever since. When you’ve worked with someone for that long, conversation comes easy, as it did when we asked John to weigh in on our retail venture: Nine Authentic Goods. We knew he had some experience from his Syd & Dusty’s days and he was happy to help out.
Old friends, new work 3
Now, we’re working with Mannix Marketing to redesign the website for the Outdoor Center. Still at the put-in, but should be ready to launch any day now. Rafting pun, check.
Double H Ranch
Our very first client, still going strong. We’ve worked to bring the positive message of Double H to the public since we opened our doors. A better cause, and a better client, could not be found. The work is always fun, the kids are always deserving and our morale is all the better for it.
Old friends, new work 4
After last year’s Camper Sponsorship outreach effort exceeded fundraising expectations, we’ve been challenged by Linda Smith to beat our own success for the 2012 season. Check the mail soon for your chance to Blaze a Trail and help send a kid to camp!
Davidson Bros. Brewing Co.
Where would we be without Rick and John Davidson? Sober, for starters. The Brothers Davidson are an excellent example of entrepreneurs who know what they want, but will listen to input from all angles. They’ve allowed us to do some of our most fun branding and packaging, and pushed us to make each project jump off the shelf.
Old friends, new work 5
Their new Variety Pack just arrived and will be available this season, along with 6 packs of RYLEY Summer Ale.