Graphic Pictures

Jokes fly around here about how many people don’t quite understand what creative agencies do.
“You make the graphic pictures, right?”
Truth is when asked what we do, we often respond with, “Well, what do you need?” because for nearly ten years we’ve done whatever it takes to get the job done. We can answer in the affirmative about ad campaigns, capital campaigns, annual reports, annual appeals, direct mail, branding, packaging, social media. Everyone has their specialty, some agencies lead with it, lately we’ve chosen to lead with, “Let’s take a look at what you need.”
Sometimes though, what’s needed really does come down to graphic pictures or, as we like to call them, infographics.
We’ll start with a process graphic that really brings the hoppy, I mean, happy. It’s something that we did for our long time clients at CLS Farms, home of El Dorado hops. Their hops are in high demand, with folks like Sierra Nevada visiting the farm and getting hooked. This was a different way of showing the effort, skill, and location, location, location of these particular hops.
Seeds in, hops out, beers up!
From plant to pint infographic
This next one is for a client with an opening-soon, custom woodwork for the kitchen and bath business. They needed a simple way to illustrate how a project goes with their business model. Stay tuned for a website launch!
ShoreHaven Infographic
Naturally we have an infographic for the Adirondacks in this example we made for the Fund for Lake George publication: Do It Yourself Water Quality Guide. Contributing to protecting the lake should be enough, but the EPA nod was a thrill.
Do It Yourself Water Quality Guide
Kids need graphics too, or at least their gear does. We created this for Bailey Berry, a children’s shoe company. It took us back to Baby Bond and our relationship with SaraBear. You can see it in its entirety at Citibabes.
Citibabes Infographic
Still scrolling? Thanks! Here’s a fun one we did for Lake George Kayak Company.
Lake George Kayak Co. Infographic
Don’t forget inventors, perhaps more than anyone, they need to be able to explain what their products can do! Enter: Solar Cool.
Solar Cool Infographic
Celebrities are confusing, so is data. Six degrees of TMS  awesome explained.
TMS Infographic
We’ll close with education and a map created to illustrate the reach of the University of Washington’s Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity GEAR UP/ RISE UP program.
Gear Up/Rise Up Infographic