Flavors in our Field

Our industry likes to celebrate landing high profile clients or juicy projects. What determines whether something is a huge get is pretty subjective. One agency’s triumph is often another agency’s, “Phew, lucky we didn’t get that one.” This summer we struck up another partnership with CLS Farms, our clients for El Dorado. We were thrilled to be working with them again because they are very down to earth people who are exceptional at what they do. They had also just had a pretty sweet triumph as their hops are now used by brewers at Sierra Nevada.
The clock ticked as we worked to complete the projects before harvest.
First came the logo:
Flavors in our Field
Then came an infographic to help illustrate more of the odyssey of at least one ingredient in craft brew magic:
Flavors in our Field 2
We also worked up a landing page to use until our folks at CLS were ready to flesh out the site:
Flavors in our Field 3
Designs for signs to grace the buildings and farm were sent out to be fabricated right in the Yakima Valley:
Flavors in our Field 4
Next up, and perhaps the most important, will be to sample the brews of each of the places listed on their site as using CLS hops.