Designed for Luck

It’s been said that bad design never killed anyone, but the truth is that when it comes to mascot, the stakes are high. It might seem like an easy task, but mascots are more than just a symbol, they are the heart and the face of a team or an organization. You have to make sure the snarl isn’t too menacing, the tail isn’t too happy. A mascot needs to appeal to kids and adults; it needs to stand up to the taunts of the opposing team, while serving as a welcoming beacon. A brain, a heart, courage, a way home—mascots.
Bobcats, Timberwolves, and anthropomorphic marshmallows, oh my!
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Sometimes the mascots stir up a little sense of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, take for example Shannon Robinson. She is a graduate of Glens Falls High School. She commisioned a new logo for The Morgan School, which is where she works in Clinton, Connecticut. Shannon was a member of the Lake George Youth Theatre, of which Dave King, owner of Lake George RV Park and home of the aforementioned marshmallow mascot, named Toasty, is also a graduate. We trust you know that Kevin Bacon was one of the stars of Footloose, which went on to become a Broadway musical. Bacon is also available for purchase at Oscar’s Smokehouse. Phew!
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We close with an unusual mascot, it is remarkable for its source, the man, the legend, the briefly incarcerated Johnny D of Sacandaga Outdoor Center.
Designed for Luck