Luck of the Irish

Friday night we made our way to Troy’s Revolution Hall for the Albany Ad Club’s ADDYs. The event venue was gorgeous and seeing the work on display in the upper level along the brick walls was great. The MC for the night was delightful, weaving an Irish brogue with wicked insight to our industry. We had John Coleman and his fiancé Casey Baldwin with us for their first official Tramp outing—John will break in his workspace here at the shop later this week when he arrives.  Also along for the ride were Matt and Nancy Fuller, owners of Fountain Square Outfitters, who are pictured here as the work we did for them was announced as an ADDY winner.
Albany Ad Club’s ADDY awards
The Silver ADDY award for Digital Advertising: Online Publication HTML E -mail:  Fountain Square Outfitters went home with the Fullers. We plan to scale one Adirondack peak or another to celebrate once the ice melts.

Keeping with the Adirondack theme, Will’s illustration on the Adirondack Mountain Club’s poster won for Elements of Advertising, Illustration.
Adirondack poster
We really do love the Adirondacks and the drive to Newcomb is among our favorites. When the Town of Newcomb logo was announced as a Silver ADDY winner we let loose a North Country holler. We’ve worked hard on this project and with a website launching later this spring, we were thrilled at the prospect of delivering the news to our partners in the heart of the park.
Newcomb logo
Traversing the country and making our way back to Amanda’s stomping grounds, our work for CLS Farms in Moxie, WA scored two Elements of Advertising ADDYs for logo and infographic.
CLS Farms logo
hops infographic
Trampoline has been downtown for 10 years, which made the ADDY for the color newspaper campaign on behalf of the Glens Falls Collaborative all the sweeter. Fountain Square OUtfitters ad
Another downtown win came in the form of an ADDY for the Digital Advertising Social Media Campaign for the Glens Falls Business Improvement District’s Take a Bite event.
take a bite
We were flying high on the triumph of Glens Falls work rising to the top when the ADDY for Consumer or Trade Publication Campaign was called and we heard “Associates of Glens Falls Insurance.”
Ski Ad
The seasonally appropriate end to the evening was the ADDY for the 2013 Adirondack Theatre Festival Season Materials Integrated Campaign because as luck would have it, we’re working on 2014’s now.
Adirondack Theatre Festival Season Materials Integrated Campaig
It was fun waking up the next day to a fantastic album on the Times Union’s site that let us relive some of the night’s special moments.
Trampoline Employees