Staged Locally

We wait the whole year to get back around to Adirondack Theatre Festival time. Their season materials present a juicy opportunity to try new things or take the risks that so often get sidelined by the pursuit of consensus or adherence to standards intended to not make waves. This year is ATF’s 20th anniversary, we knew we wanted to do something extraordinary, something that identified the year as incredibly special.
How do you celebrate 20 years of mounting Broadway quality shows in Glens Falls?
You find a Glens Falls artist. We have long admired Reneé Leigh Stephenson’s work. Her art, a mix of hand drawn line art and watercolors, is always fresh and engaging. She takes simple things, maybe a garlic clove or a musical instrument, and imbues them with qualities that feel like a sunny Saturday at the Farmer’s Market or a memory of sitting around a campfire with friends. The idea of painting the ATF season with her wildly beautiful brushstrokes felt like the perfect 20th anniversary script. Luckily when we asked Mark Fleischer he said, “Sure,” and when we asked Reneé she said, “I’m flattered that you thought of me!”
We met, she read the scripts, and the magic began.
We continued meeting and checking in as she progressed. Will, an illustrator himself, art directed the project, while Ashley designed the materials. designed the materials.
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Staged Locally
Can’t wait for the curtain to rise, hope to see you there!