To Your Marks

The race to market is best done with a solid brand, whether starting from scratch, or taking on a long overdue rebrand. Here are a few projects we’ve had the privilege of working on to help position our clients for success.
ShoreHaven Kitchens, in business for less than a year now, are well on their way to making sure that there is nary an unattractive or low-functioning kitchen in the area.
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SeaFood Run, another new business, is determined to make sure those kitchens have fresh fish at least several times a week. Dock to table, no detours to warehouses, just top-quality fish delivered by a guy whose family has been in the commercial fishing business for years.
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This next mark is for an organization that has been serving people in this region for decades. As they embark on a new chapter offering Health Exchange Navigator services, as well as continuing to assist individuals and the companies who may employ them, to live independently, Southern Adirondack Independent Living Center needed a new brand. After agreeing to eliminate the confusing “center” part of their name (they do not house people), SAIL enthusiastically worked with us to create an identity, along with sub-brands, that would be easy for their customers to use and enable members of the community to better understand all that SAIL offers.
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Another local organization that has been serving a growing audience and expanding its services is Ten80 Education. We worked with them to update their brand and establish a continuity within their program iconography.
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It isn’t always serious around here. Sometimes our West Coast hop farming friends call us up and ask if we can do a new brand on the fly. “Is it possible to have it in time for a roll out at the Craft Brewers Conference in Colorado…next week?” they ask apologetically, but the answer is always, “We can do it.” Because they’ve been with us for years and they pick a name like Medusa, how do you not take that job?
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Another client falling into the friend category is Meyer Fuller, a new law firm in the area. Because it’s better to have lawyers as friends than enemies, am I right? They needed a new brand and we were happy to walk that legal line.
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