A New Season

A short time ago we posted that we were searching for two designers to add to our team. Serendipity struck and we found one candidate who was originally from the area and ready to come back and a candidate who fit the bill and brought our Yankees/Red Sox ratio to 50/50.
Welcome back to Matt Britt. Matt brings 10 years of production and design experience from Serino Coyne in New York City. He’s still adjusting to life upstate, but seems enthusiastic about trading office space on Broadway and 44th for a studio on South Street. Street of dreams, people. Dirt Dogs, deadlines and design seem to be OK by Matt, and we’re lucky to have him.
Matt Britt
Go Sox to Kate! With the ink barely dry on her diploma from Nazareth College, Kate is quickly settling in—filling gaps in conversation with unmistakable sass and commentary. Her trademark frames glint as she turns from her desk with a deadpan face and unexpectedly lobs a zinger. She may not “know how to sports,”  but she definitely knows how to hang and move a mouse.
They’re taking their time at settling in and feeling at home. We’re hoping that eventually they’ll get comfortable. If you’re in the area, stop by the studio and say hello.
Kate and Matt