Toasting 2014

At a production meeting in late November, a question was posed:
“Are you interested in throwing a holiday party?” The response from the staff was a resounding yes.
Paula quickly shot back, “Great, it’s on you. Here’s your budget, have fun.”
We’d be lying if we didn’t fess up to having had a passing moment of, “Is everything on track? Are they handling all the details?” The day of the party rolled around, every light fixture was bedecked with holiday trimmings, a beautiful tree took center stage, and Will tricked out the larger than life chalkboard with some Willustrative, hand-rendered type.
Russell Porreca, proprietor of Raúl’s, arrived with the food, Matt and Cara unloaded the wine and spirits from Adirondack Wine Merchants, John worked with the Wonder Beards to get the band’s equipment set up, and we were ready.
Will and Matt were armed with cameras to document the evening, but we also made sure they didn’t get parched.
The pool table we purchased from Todd Shimkus, was quickly claimed by Matt Fuller, from Fountain Square Outfitters.
The photo booth area that Cara and Kate set up was very popular. First a pack of Colemans mugged for the camera.
Followed quickly by the Greenslades and Rounds under the watchful eye of our taxidermy squirrel. If you want to meet the little guy, you’ll have to stop by the shop, he’s camera shy.
Throughout the evening friends like John and Janet Cordes, part of the power team behind the Glens Falls Brewfest, colleagues, Sara Mannix, and downtown neighbor Gordon Woolworth, from The Chronicle.