Selling the Future

There’s no denying that the SUNY System is an incredible asset for New York State. Last year we were contracted to create a new suite of print collateral for SUNY Plattsburgh recruitment efforts. Our directive was to create materials that would stand the four-year test of time for engaging a new class of students in an increasingly competitive higher ed landscape.
We conducted focus groups, researched the competitive set within the SUNY system as well as in non-SUNY school in state and nearby. What emerged was a concept that the students polled consistently said was, “Cool” and “Solid” and “…really creative, and like, on point.” The concept was North of Ordinary and, along with secondary branding elements, it was threaded throughout the print and digital materials.
Collateral Plattsburgh Covers
Collateral Plattsburgh Spread
Collateral Plattsburgh Mailings