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Good Move is a comprehensive campaign that brings together messages from three NYSDOH initiatives: Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work and Play – Communities, Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work & Play – Worksites and Heathy Schools New York. The campaign encourages stakeholders from community, worksite and school settings to take steps towards good health and provides resources to support healthy eating, physical activity and family health. Good Move was also used to increase public awareness of and support for policy, systems and environmental changes achieved through the NYSDOH grant programs.
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Upstate New York has a significant number of low-income communities where obesity is a rapidly growing issue.  Glens Falls Hospital contracted us to conceive of a campaign using dollars from a Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work, and Play grant.
Understanding that our audience was neither accustomed to exercising nor conditioned to choose healthy foods, we opted for a campaign that played double duty as a suggestion and as a kind of “Way to go” sentiment.
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Good Move ads
Good Move and brochure
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We deliberately booked billboards across from fast food messages to take digs at places like McDonalds, because laughter leads to trust more than admonitions lead to action.
The Campaign was awarded by the American Advertising Federation and appeared in the Graphic Design USA Health + Wellness Design Awards issue. The team at Glens Falls Hospital was wonderful to work with and delivered the designed materials into the community with great success.