Retired to the Rafters

Wisdom Script: “Overuse makes this font an unwise choice.”—John “Elegant, but so overused it gives us a rash-like itchy feeling all over.” —Will “I’m so Fancyyyy…” —Iggy Azalea   Trajan: “Hey, let’s make a movie poster! Hey, we need to do a sign for a Law Office. Or, a movie about a law office!” —Matt “Designed […]

Tramp Stamping out Tobacco

Smoking is a real drag. Which led the Glens Falls Hospital Health Promotion Center to approach us last spring after wrapping up the Good Move campaign, to see if we would work with them again on a tobacco cessation campaign. We didn’t think twice about saying yes, we were ready to kick butt.   We are all […]

Indirect Applause

As the 2015 season materials came together for the Adirondack Theatre Festival, the new Executive Director, Chad Rabinovitz, offered a prominent placement of the Trampoline logo on the materials. Our answer, as it always has been, was a polite pass. It’s our agency policy, when working with non-profits, to put their mission first. The addition […]