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Everyone who sits in a theatre for a live performance has a distinct experience, for some it is a revelatory escape, for others it is a chance to critique, for others still it could be an exercise in what might’ve been.
Will has participated in the Tooning In program for the last two seasons of the Adirondack Theatre Festival. Toning In invites artists to sit through rehearsals and sketch whatever they are inspired to create. This year John decided to try his hand at the project for the musical production of SPUN.
Rather than throw a bunch of words on this post, we’ll let the sketches do the talking. Because in the end, we all see things differently and a glimpse into the distinct perspectives offers priceless insight and the potential to broaden our own views.
These sketches are for them production of SPUN, which is reviewed here by the Albany Times Union. There are two nights left to see the show, purchase tickets here.
John’s sketches.
Will’s sketches.
Guitar illustration
t sketch
Singing sketch
The artists and their sketches in the studio.
Sketches on table
Sketches spread out
Sketches spread out on table