People & Places

It isn’t fair or effective to have one designer always work on charts and lists or to reserve digital creative for one person. The strongest creative comes from a collaborative process and a bit of variety in projects. There is also an element of chemistry that contributes to the process, making sure that the right people are paired with the right projects is an important part of the mix.
We talk in the shop about dream projects or companies we’d love to have as clients. The pursuit of those opportunities is something pride ourselves on, because it means that we are hearing and supporting one another. It also means that the eventual work that comes out of it will be something we celebrate more poignantly than we might something that happened by chance.
Today Matt Britt is on the road with three other members of our team for the kick off with his alma mater, SUNY Geneseo. I don’t think he’ll mind me quoting him here:
“On a personal note, the last line of the Geneseo alma mater—“with our lives’ work, we’ll repay”—rings very true for me today. I speak for all the Trampoline team when I say that I’m very excited for the opportunity to work toward sharing the Geneseo story, past, present and future, with prospective students and families.”
Go, Knights!
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