Tales from the Commute

I have a shirt that says “One less car”, a logical take on riding a bike vs. driving a car. But that’s not just hype for me— it actually means something. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bent on converting the world from gasoline to leg-power, I just love riding bikes. Somehow this has found its way into my daily commute to Trampoline, which has both challenges and fun.
The challenge? No shower at the office. Fun because I have the luxury of riding both trails and quiet roads to the studio. Either way, I’m more awake at the start of the day than if I were to drive my car.
On Instagram, I’ve started using the hashtag #talesfromthecommute, where I’ve captured scenes during my rides to work where normally you’d miss it by car. By trail or road, finding these ’scenes’ has been an unplanned part of almost every ride.
Sometimes the worlds of design and cycling come together for us here at Trampoline through branding and apparel design— some of our more recent projects like Druthers Brewing Company and Rick’s Bike Shop. Check in for more to come. Until then, roll on.