Dreams Do Exist

Hunter Life Mockup
Hunter Mountain’s annual resort magazine Hunter Mountain Life is on press.
It’s my second year as lead designer on the magazine, and Trampoline’s third year producing the mag. It’s been a labor of love, taking the better part of five months to produce from concept to completion. It’s a good feeling when a project of this size and scope leaves the shop.
The magazine is unique in that it’s a “flip-book,” with one half featuring winter-related content and the other half — flipped 180 degrees — highlighting Hunter’s summer offerings. The 44 pages consist of articles and news written by a number of contributors (me included) along with photos, infographics, resort information, and advertisements.
A flip-book presents a number of challenges for a designer. The most significant being the need to create contrast without losing sight of it being the same resort. To achieve this, we established a set of design elements and guidelines that are carried throughout the summer and winter sides. Other challenges come into play on the printing end, but I won’t bore you with the finer points of InDesign page signatures. Worth mentioning are the paper specs. We chose to print the magazine on glossy paper stock for both the cover and text pages — 100 lb. cover weight and 80 lb. text weight, respectively. Glossy paper helps photos and graphics jump off the page. As an added touch, we opted for a spot varnish on the front and back covers, giving the word “Life” and other elements on the cover a sharp embossed effect.
Cliché as it may sound; a magazine of Hunter Life’s size is a team effort and requires a lot of planning and coordination to pull together. To this end, I tip my cap to Katie O’Connor, Gerry Tschinkel and the marketing team at Hunter Mountain. Katie sourced editorial content, photography and advertisements and provided helpful direction throughout the process.
As a lifelong skier, producing Hunter Mountain Life was a dream project. It seems like yesterday I was sitting in Magazine Journalism 101 designing magazine covers and now I’m producing one. It spins your head to think about it.
Although it’s 60 degrees outside the Trampoline office today, the white stuff will be falling soon. It’s time to tune-up your skis or board and break out the winter gear. While planning which mountains to ski this winter, be sure to put Hunter Mountain on your list. With snowmaking on 100% of their trails and the Catskill Mountains as your backdrop, you can’t go wrong. Oh, and pick up a copy of Hunter Mountain Life while you’re there.