Beerful Goodbyes

Last week was a dark week at the studio. We had to say goodbye to one of our key motivators, always ready to lend a hand at 3pm to push you through to the end of the day, and always there to get the party started. After a great seven-and-a-half month run, we had to say goodbye to our office kegerator on loan from Mean Max. Here’s a final goodbye and some of our fondest memories of the kegerator:
May 29th: Matt and Dave from Mean Max stroll in unannounced on a quiet Friday with a kegerator, two pony kegs and a nice set of tulip glasses.
Twitter Screenshot
It didn’t take long for the shock to wear off and for us to work collectively to make good use of the new appliance.
Twitter Feed
Favorite memory: I had a blast standing around with 2/3 of the office watching it be installed. It was totally a “how many designers does it take to screw in a tap handle” sort of thing.
Favorite beer poured: Das Mean Max
Best part of it being in the office: I easily saved $100 by having a kegerator in the office. That being said, I just as easily lost 3-5 evenings’ worth of memories.
Playing Pool
Favorite memory: Every moment we had with the kegerator was awesome; but my favorites would be the times we poured a round of pints to reward a long week or a new client.
Favorite beer poured: Hmmm. This could get me in trouble. I plead the fifth!
Best part of it being in the office: The kegerator had a way of pulling everyone together to bond and decompress. Some offices have water coolers. We had a kegerator. And I’m going to miss the hell out of it.
Favorite beer poured: The very first one!
Favorite memory: Having a “pool party” the night it was installed, even if I lost miserably at every game.
Favorite beer poured: Switchback.
Best part of it being in the office: Being able to celebrate completed projects/team wins as soon as they happen (and having beer in the room when I found out my favorite hockey player got traded).
November 13th: The guys from Druthers helped us out with an empty tap and brought along a pony keg to one of our morning meetings. Don’t worry, we waited until at least 2pm to dive in (I think).
Beer Delivery
Only appropriate to slap on a Tramp designed Druthers tap handle and label.
Druthers tap handle and label.
Favorite memory: The kegerator and I could hang out for hours without ever getting bored. It was one of my closest friends and confidants. R.I.P.
Favorite beer poured: Choosing a favorite beer is like choosing a favorite child. I loved them all equally.
Best part of it being in the office: Telling everyone I know that we have a kegerator at work and making them jealous.
A touching tribute from Will:
If you want to say hi, the kegerator has moved just a couple blocks away to Downtown Barber Co. We’re sure it would love if you stopped by.