From Ice to Mice

The way we cultivate clients at Trampoline differs greatly from client to client—some we research and approach over time, some come to us by way of a traditional RFP, many come from existing clients who share our work and some seem to arrive completely by chance.
We did not set out to work with Embryotech Laboratories, Inc., a company that specializes in cryopreserved mouse embryos, but when an introduction was made at a Bruins game in Boston it felt like a good fit.
We started with a rebrand for the 20-year old business, based in a beautiful 3-story brick building in Haverill, MA.  Their facility operates seven days a week and produces the highest quality products and services to the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) community.
ETech Brochure Mockup
Following the rebrand we tackled their trade show booth.  The booth had to stand out among its competitors at trade shows both here in the US and internationally.
Embryotech Banner
ETech Mockup
We are in the midst of redesigning their website which should go live in early 2016. From ice to mice we scored with this client.