One Good Turn(s)

The Slayton family loaded up their skis and headed east to Maine for a weekend of philanthropy and fun at Black Mountain with none other than Dr. McDreamy himself. Patrick Dempsey, a Maine native and avid skier was hosting a fundraiser to help honor the memory of his mother, who passed away in 2014 after a courageous battle with cancer.
straight family shotThe Dempsey Challenge is a slope side fundraising experience for The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing in Lewiston, Maine. One hundred percent of funds raised by Dempsey Challenge participants go directly to the Dempsey Center, allowing them to provide free support, education and integrative medicine services to anyone impacted by cancer.
laughing dereks
After kicking off the festivities, Patrick met participants at the base of the slope, asking who they were skiing for, or in memory of. It was reminiscent of our time at the Double H Ranch Winter 500 last March—where campers descended the hill and marked their name on a HH monolith at Charlie’s Chalet.

We’re proud of our long history with Double H, and their parent company SerioüsFun. And happy to have the materials for our own fundraising event be a finalist for the 2016 American Advertising Federation ADDY Awards. Along with the 2014 Annual Report for Serious Fun.
Friendraiser Tent SQFriendraiser SquirrelFriendraiser OakFriendraiser GogglesFixIt™ campaignOur fight against Cancer continues with The FixIt™ campaign for Glens Falls Hospital, also up for an ADDY. These ViewMaster illustrations helped stamp out tobacco marketing to kids.
Leap Forward day adsOn Leap Forward day, here’s to design that helps influence change, raise funds for research or improve the lives of those battling the disease. Ours is a small contribution, but we’re proud to have a staff of creative pros who volunteer their time and talents to leap right past cancer.