X marks the spot

We all want to have a better understanding of our surroundings. What’s the landscape? What am I looking at here? That’s probably why we design a lot of maps. It’s helpful to be able to show, at a glance, where everything is. In the same way that users hope to be able to navigate a […]


By now you’ve seen the mid-May rollout of a new look for Instagram. Icons automatically updated themselves on devices and screens, causing worldwide panic and confusion. Immediate and severe feedback filled up the internet like design hate-speech. Instagram released this video to illustrate their process, but soon had to fend off parodies and video rants from designers and […]

Serving up strategy

“Can I get you another drink?” asked the waiter. We’d just been seated, at a table for two after a considerable wait at the bar. We had arrived, without reservations, at the newly opened Cowiche Canyon Kitchen + Ice House, in downtown Yakima, Washington. The Yakima Valley is responsible for about 75% of domestic hop […]