Choices, Choices

Living and working in the Lake George Area has many perks. Topping the list for me is the ability to throw some gear in a pack, hop in my car and in just a half an hour be in a place where you can no longer hear the buzz of the city.

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The Adirondack Great Range: a source of inspiration (and reference) right in our backyard.

I feel like I cheated. Most professionals my age had to move to a big city to find work, relegating an outdoor experience to a long weekend or worse, a holiday. And here I am, able to ride a world-class network of cross-country mountain bike trails or paddle on Lake George after work.
Now that’s not to say a big city isn’t an inspiring and stimulating place to live and work — especially for a designer; but as someone who grew up in the Adirondacks and enjoys all that it has to offer, I didn’t have to try living in a big city to know that I wasn’t cut out for that pace of life. Where some find inspiration on a graffiti-covered brick wall in Brooklyn, I find mine in the alpenglow after sunset on an Adirondack mountain summit.
Some of my most difficult decisions these days involve choosing a place to explore on a weekend. Do I fish for native brook trout, go hiking, or play 18 holes of golf?
It’s a problem I’m happy to have.