Fly the coop!

Chicken Shack Window Mockup
We’ve been huge fans of Russell Porreca’s cooking for years (our last office was next door to the original Raúl’s location). Way back when we created packaging for his homemade sauces and dressings and even some custom posters for his walls. We may have even enjoyed a beverage or two there on Margarita night.
This winter, Raúl’s moved to the (much larger) space next door, leaving the original restaurant space open. You can read more about that in this week’s Chronicle. While we loved the intimacy of the original location, we were excited to see what Russell was going to cook up next. After toying with other ideas, he landed on chicken & waffles. That really buttered our biscuits…ba-dum-ching!
We quickly started working on branding, signage and menus. After lots of sketches, comps and revisions, we landed on the final mark.
Chicken Shack Branding Sketches
Chicken Shack Logo
The savory color palette reflects the redesigned interior, which features corrugated tin roofs, barn wood and retro furnishings.
We had our friends at FastSigns in Saratoga help us with window graphics.

For the menu, we wanted to build on the “homestyle” theme of the cuisine. The sign painter typeface and gingham texture lends a down home feel that pairs well with Russell’s comfort food.
Chicken Shack Menu Mockup
Chicken Shack Menu
While the restaurant is still a hatchling, it’s quickly become a popular lunch and dinner destination. We can’t wait to push the brand even further with apparel and maybe even some custom artwork for the walls! Stay tuned.