Greatest Gifts: Volume 1

It’s Giving Tuesday—the perfect time to support non profit organizations in their efforts to improve the world around us. Remember all the cash you saved shopping the Black Friday Sales a few days ago? It’s time to do some good with that. Trampoline submits, for your philanthropic consideration, 10 of our current clients in the Non-Profit sector. These are groups of dedicated pros who are having an impact in our region and our world—through changing economic conditions, political administrations and news cycles. We are lucky to work with these groups, discover more about their missions and motivation, and put strategies in place to elevate both awareness and support for great causes.
We’ve also included—below these worthy opportunities to contribute—a second list of clients and contemporaries who donate their time and talents regularly. These companies set the example of community-minded philanthropy, and we’re equally proud to partner with them, and inspired by their efforts. We hope you are too. Now: let’s go make a difference. Better still, a sum.
Paul Smiths Campus
Paul Smith’s College, Brighton, New York
The only four-year college in the Adirondack Park produces leaders in the Forestry, Hospitality, Culinary, Science and Recreation industries. We’ve worked side-by-side with administrators, faculty and students to tell the PSC story over the past 18 months: rebranding the college and executing a strategy that targets the individual strengths of potential students. We filmed as they answered, from treetops and through kitchen windows, what it means to be a Smitty. The school is small, and faces funding challenges that many small colleges struggle with nationwide. Paul Smith’s is working hard to stay true to the Adirondacks. We hope the region will respond in kind.
hhhn graphic
Hudson Headwaters Foundation, Queensbury, New York
The Hudson Headwaters Health Network has seen unprecedented growth over recent years. They’ve opened or built new facilities in Glens Falls, Queensbury and Warrensburg, and have just broken ground on a new building in Champlain, New York. The growth isn’t about buildings, it is about the fundamental and life-saving services that people need and the capacity to offer it without delay. HHHN exists as a direct response to need: an aging population in remote areas of the Adirondacks, in need of care. We’ll be creating a campaign for the Foundation, an extension of the repositioning and marketing work we’ve completed for HHHN over the past year. Don’t wait for a capital campaign to get involved with the future of healthcare in our region, find out more about volunteering or other ways to support the network.
Berkshire Taconic Logo
Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, Sheffield, Massachusetts
A $40 Million endowment means a lot of good can be done, but only with the help of regular contributions to support it. BTCF distributes grants to help fund programs with high impact in western Massachusetts and Eastern New York. A gift to BTCF can be allocated to a specific Fund to support your interests. We’re excited to be a part of their progress points, with our partners at Mount Auburn Associates, moving forward into new areas of concern for the Berkshires and the Hudson Valley.
The Lake George Land Conservancy logo
The Lake George Land Conservancy, Bolton Landing, New York
We’ve laced up our boots to put a new spin on the Hike-A-Thon for its 5 year anniversary. There’s nothing better than the view of Lake George from one of the nearby summits. Well, maybe the view from a dock—but that’s the whole point: protect the water quality by conserving the land that surrounds it. We’ve been doing our part to make the Lake George watershed a safe place for 15 years now. Not into hiking? Donate.
Pitney Meadows Community Farm Logo
Pitney Meadows Community Farm, Saratoga Springs, New York
Sustainable Agriculture in urban environments continues to be an important issue. We’ve supported the farm-to-table movement for years with work for organizations like the FarmHouse Restaurant, CLS Farms and Capital Roots. When Paul and Sandy Arnold approached us about the Pitney Meadows project: preserving green space in Saratoga that will be used as a working farm, food hub and event space, we were ready to get our hands dirty. The property closes in December, all plans have been approved by the municipality. All that is needed is a boost in startup capital. Remember: you reap what you sow.
Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership logo
Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership, Malta, New York
This passionate group of economic development pros will assemble teams of real estate brokers, community planners and municipal leaders to bring new business into Saratoga County, and help to grow the businesses already in the area. The Prosperity Partnership helps with grant applications and assists with startup and location management. It also promotes the Luther Forest Technology Campus and is involved in workforce development issues in our region—from continuing education to recruitment and more ways to incentivize and promote the efficient growth of our region’s economy.
Double H Ranch Volunteers
Double H Ranch, Lake Luzerne, NY
Our hearts and minds were won over by the staff, campers and volunteers at Double H long ago. In fact, they were our very first client. We’re proud to support the ongoing efforts to give a week at camp to kids and families who need it the most. Critical illnesses are no obstacle to having fun when you spend a week in the woods. We had the chance to interview campers, and parents of campers this year, and have learned a lot about dedication, loyalty and love. A contribution to Double H is like giving magic.

SerioüsFun Children’s Network logo
SerioüsFun Children’s Network, Westport, Connecticut
The parent company of Double H Ranch, SerioüsFun takes Paul Newman’s message of philanthropy to the international stage. At places like Barretstown in Ireland or the newly opened Sola Puti Kids’ Camp in Japan, critically ill children are enjoying themselves, meeting diseases and challenges head-on, and creating lasting friendships. The Global Partnership Program is a worldwide attempt at making a difference—including efforts like December’s AIDS awareness initiative. Give the gift of camp this year!
The W!LD Center logo
The W!LD Center, Tupper Lake, New York
More than just adorable otters, the Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks took a leadership role this year by completing their I♥NY grant-funded study on the travel habits of Millennials. Turns out, they’re a complicated market to predict. The study, compiled by Schireson, Assoc. of New York and interpreted and executed by Trampoline, outlined statistics, discussed misconceptions and presented strategy to address Millennial Travel concerns. Help the W!LD Center continue to make the Adirondacks a destination with a contribution.
Safe Water Network logo
Safe Water Network, New York, New York
The next time clean, safe drinking water fills your glass, consider a donation the the Safe Water Network. A little goes a long way, and in certain areas, the difference between healthy communities and the outbreak of disease is access to clean water.

               .  .  .

Giving Tuesday isn’t just about the organizations that you can give to, it’s also a day to consider all the organizations who take it upon themselves to give back all year long—something we all ought to consider. We are inspired and motivated by the efforts of many of our clients and neighbors who give far more than many people will ever truly realize. We wanted to tip our hats in their general direction and say thanks for being involved in the giving world.

At Druthers Brewing Company, All-In is more than an IPA, it’s a way of operating and giving back to the community. Look for a Druthers pour at your next gala event—then offer a toast back to them for their support.

druthers logo

Glens Falls National Bank does more than finance homes and host checking and savings accounts, they contribute in countless ways to education, health, community, and business. The odds are good that if you’ve been to a walk, race, festival, or performance, GFNB has helped make it possible.
Glens Falls National Banks logo

Lake George RV Park has been a family-owned business for more than 50 years. Perennial sponsors of many events, they also have recycling programs that benefit organizations like Double H Ranch. Dave king is a founder of the Adirondack Theatre Festival that brings thousands of patrons to Downtown Glens Falls every summer.
Lake George RV Park trolley

Mannix Marketing will get you found on the internet, they also assist worthy causes, quietly making possible what traditional budgets never would have, all in the spirit of, “They need it, we can do it, and it’s the right thing to do.”
Mannix Marketing staff

Once we got to know the partners at Meyer & Fuller, lawyer jokes didn’t make as much sense. These are two of the kindest, most generous people we know. They make giving back fun. Objection! Your Honor, giving is fun. You don’t have to be showy about it, it doesn’t have to be on a certain day or a set figure, you just do it and keep doing it because it feels good knowing you are making a difference.
Meyer & Fuller Posters

Everyone’s favorite theme park goes beyond a Great time to support organizations throughout the North Country. They provide event space, donate workers to help with on-site needs and get behind initiatives that improve our region. Two hands up for Six Flags!
Six flags Oktoberfest