Tips for the Yosemite Traveler

[Photos & video below] As an East Coast kid, California seemed like a fairytale world where movies were made and surf bums lived out their days in Volkswagen vans in search of the epic wave. I admired it from a distance like a child admires his or her favorite superhero; unsure whether I’d ever get […]

Go North: an Adirondack Invitation

“We have a story to tell and a vacation to market, but no name or look…we would like you to create that.” It’s kind of the ideal scenario when the story and journey are situated in one of the most picturesque regions of New York State and the client is someone you enjoy and admire. Working […]

The Luxury of Pickiness

Picky Selective Discerning Choosy Overparticular Opinionated Fickle As we all participate in the sprint/marathon/obstacle course for people’s attention the truth is that consumers, with very few exceptions, have the luxury of pickiness. They get to go full on House-Hunters-judgey and define their own expectations and reasoning. They can tune you out, be drawn to new […]

Learning the Ropes

“Hey Allison, would you be open to sharing your impression of Trampoline from the perspective of a new-to-the-team person?” “Sure,” she said, “Could I do it in a comic?” Everyone thinks about it for a minute. “Don’t see why not.” “Great,” she said cracking a sketchbook. “Thanks!” Here it is: