Create demand and don’t let up

Today is the deadline for Peak Pass orders. 2019 passes went on sale back in early March, and prices go up May 1st! Tiered pricing tied to dates is a great way to incentivize consumers, but time limits alone will not seal the deal. Consumers need a repeat approach, even when the offering is a zero-hour affair, available for a limited time only.

Purchases made in the $300+ range are weighed far more heavily, and in a crowded marketplace like the ski industry, multiple impressions are a must to stay ahead of decision making. 

It’s like the MLB pitch clock. 

A [consumer] pitcher knows they have a cutoff, and decisions need to be made. 

The [Peak Pass] catcher shows them their best option, but the pitcher shakes off the call, looking for other options. 

Split fingered-Icon? Epic slider? Mountain Collective curve?

The [Peak Pass] catcher calls for their pitch again, even a third time, letting the [consumer] pitcher know exactly what to expect, what’s available. 

That steady stream of information: consistent, confident, competitive—combined with the shortened time-frame for availability keeps the pressure on a buyer. 

Drifter Pass sales rose 47% last season, we can’t wait to see the numbers from this spring.

The nod for Best Campaign Slogan of the year from Ski Area Management means that the Peak Pass rebrand is turning heads. 

Eight hours left before the price goes up. Tick tock.