Business unusual

In a perfect world, the press release would read something like:

Trampoline expands, adding 16 new offices, overnight.

We are not living in a perfect world.

Our staff is now creating from the safety of their own homes. Our trademark morning huddle still takes place daily, albeit virtually. We’re able to organize the day’s deadlines, prioritize tasks and balance workflow as a group—the way we always have. This week has already seen two screen-shared critiques for the development of new brands, one of our most collaborative processes. One of those logos will be presented (4 options) via Zoom conference this afternoon.

We are amazed at how quickly the agency adapted to virtual work. Server space, VPN connectivity, Basecamp job management and phone forwarding have made communication consistent. A little awkward «buffering» but consistent.

We’re also amazed at how much we miss each other.

If anything, the appreciation for individual contributions, and talents, has been highlighted by the separation…and the situation.

Our incredible team of writers, designers, account execs, videographers, producers, illustrators and animators are physically apart, but strategically together. Sometimes it helps to have a visual reverence when you’re working remotely, so here’s a look at some productive space, and even a new addition.

Ballston Spa—Allison making Valiquedits right beneath a floating shelf that we all want in our lives now. Babs on the desk looking good.


Queensbury— Taylor has the nicest audio. The curtains don’t make things quite as dark as our editing room, but we’ll work with what we have.

Troy—Nora stares down Kacey. Rebranding < cat food.


Pilot Knob—Finch and Forest are patiently waiting for Dropbox to sync. Kaitlin too.


Saratoga Springs—Elwood art directs Rob’s design for the Shaker Group.

Glens Falls—Fleece blanket. The telltale sign of a Prendeville workspace. Bonus points for the shelf sign that says: Enjoy life. This is not a rehearsal.

Rotterdam— Terese is slated to meet a deadline for Finch Paper. It’s this afternoon? Ugg. Two puns, one caption. You’re welcome.

Albany—Mandy the GWP has some input for Leslie on her campaign for SUNY Agriculture.


Queensbury—Proof that Copperboom lies in wait for Twizzlers the way Trish lies in wait for typos.

Hudson Falls—Not sure which is stronger Oliver’s merch design for CLS Farms or his vintage desk game.

Hebron—Clayton clearly wants a walk, already. Alli is working on wayfinging signage for Oneonta that will make walks easier!

Wilton— Holy cheeseballs, Megan’s home office setup is adorable.

Queensbury— Paula and Derek enlist tech support from Ben, who is home from Paul Smith’s College.

Queensbury— Amanda and Sean have organized office hours and school time to coincide. We’re calling the kitchen a cafeteria now.

Granville—The brightest of bright spots, amid an epidemic that has changed everything, is the arrival of Kayden Thomas Oswald, born on March 12th. 6lbs. 15oz., 18.5″ at Glens Falls Hospital. Staci, Karl, and Kai are over the moon and home safely.


We raised a glass on Tuesday, St. Patrick’s Day. A toast to one another, and to our health. We’ll keep creating and look forward to being together again soon.