A Going Concern

We spend a lot of time sharing destination marketing campaigns like the work we’ve done for Vail Resorts, or placemaking campaigns for municipalities like the City of Oneonta, NY.

The travel and tourism industry is on hold for the foreseeable future. While that puts a damper on both ongoing and upcoming work in our shop, there are industries we serve that are, well, essential, and we’re busy communicating just that.

1 Healthcare

We’re humbled by the sacrifices that doctors, nurses, administrators, and staff are making every day to make our community safe. Glens Falls Hospital is facing the Coronavirus head-on and our team is meeting the need for regional messaging to deliver crucial information in a quickly evolving reality. Double H Ranch didn’t miss the chance to thank their providers this month either. National Doctor’s Day is Monday, March 30th.

Click below to view our :30 second spot for Glens Falls Hospital, addressing the COVID-19 crisis, along with a COVID-19 informational video that was produced to help keep the community informed as the Coronavirus became an urgent issue for upstate New York.


2 Finance

We’re in an unprecedented time, where flexibility and communication matter more than ever. We miss our South Street neighbors at Glens Falls National Bank, Arrow Financial, and the Upstate Agency, but we know they’re working hard to get their customers through an uncertain future.


3 Agriculture

Any recent trip to the grocery store will reinforce the importance of fresh food and produce. Our campaign for the State University of New York’s technology sector focuses on agriculture, and the broad range of degree options that field offers. <— Puns offer levity in trying times.

On the subject of agriculture, the beer market has been hit hard by the closure of bars and restaurants—and by extension, the support industries that supply brewers. Small businesses like CLS Farms in Moxee, WA.

Some restaurants and brewers are going to (safe) lengths to put their product into consumers’ hands: like our favorite hop-heads at Mean Max Brewing Co. Order online and Matt or Dave (or maybe Jill or Anne) will deliver fresh suds right to your door.

4 Social Support Programs

Organizations like L.E.A.P. in Washington County, NY are more crucial then ever, now that social distancing is being observed and quarantines are in place. We’re working with the staff and board at L.E.A.P. to share opportunities and support parents in challenging situations.

Research, partnerships, and grant applications give the Adirondack Foundation critical insight into pressing needs and promising initiatives in the Adirondack region. Support for working families is a priority, but childhood literacy, home health services for seniors, and adequate housing and transportation are all examples of how the foundation creates a positive impact.

5. Paper Manufacturers

Even COVID-19 couldn’t kill print. Several of our print vendors remain in operation, and our hometown mill, Finch Paper continues to produce opaque, fine, and digital options. We’re excited to share some upcoming promotional pieces designed around their recent purchase of French Paper, but until then, here’s the current swatchbook—a feather in our cap.

6. Outdoor Activities

Hiking trails throughout the Adirondacks are clogged with appropriately-spaced adventure lovers. The time for stewardship, education, management, and outreach is now. The Adirondack Council is creating programming to build awareness on the importance of preservation, and we’re honored to help them deliver that message.

7. Transportation

The logistics associated with getting a package from point A onward, are suddenly in the spotlight. Americans are now aware of how the supply chain effects our daily lives. The importance of shipping has moved beyond a business-task-to-be-solved and is now seen as central to survival. The dedicated team at Shaker Logistics is ready to problem solve and keep moving forward.