Socially distant. Creatively consistent.

Six weeks into quarantine, but who’s counting?

We are. Counting website hits, conversions, sales. Yes, counting billable hours. Counting on people to do the right thing.

We’re counting on each other.

The team dynamic is a big part of our agency process. The cross-pollination of ideas, contrasting opinions and design styles make our work. We debate, critique, and tire-kick ideas. Being active in that development allows our team to be seen and heard, and, admittedly, that’s been missing in these past few weeks, as people remain isolated.

We’re still collaborating, creating, revising. As we work to get to the next level, we want our team to know that we still see them, and appreciate their work, and all of the talents that they bring to the table.Meg has been cranking on COVID-based communications since February 26th, when Glens Falls Hospital was getting ahead of the outbreak. Her support of the frontline workers has been unwavering, and she’s been back channeling on the media side to get as much airtime as possible for the hospital.

She’s also developing summertime campaigns for Double H Ranch, whose season will look much different this year. Her work on the Shaker Logistics rebrand and the Williamstown Rural Lands rebrand, while very different projects, showcase Meg’s ability to lay down tracks for the designers in the shop.

If the shot list calls for a vintage television in an Adirondack stream, Mik will make it happen, no big deal. Her work for Paul Smith’s College has helped the school compete against much larger universities.

When she’s not on location, she’s under headphones troubleshooting audio, or recording voiceovers for the video team. And when the headphones come off, she’s project managing for clients like Nathan Littauer Hospital, and CLS Farms.Leslie started at Trampoline as an intern in 2012 and has been turning heads with her design ever since. Her work for Vail Resorts has helped build a 40:1 return on ad spend for their properties.

Leslie understands what matters to consumers on a local level like the targeted Hello campaign for Glens Falls National Bank, but her vision scales easily to a regional focus, seen in her rebrand of Mannix Marketing, or statewide in 2020 recruitment efforts for SUNY. Les goes international, too, creating for SeriousFun!Rob spent the first quarter pointing a very large lens at some very fast subjects. These days, the pace might be a little slower, but the strategy needs to be sharper than ever. Hound Dog traded his beloved Black Crows for a pair of waterskis, and took on the Boats By George account, designing for iconic brands like Chris-Craft and Cobalt.Allison’s incredible eye for design has been squinting into a viewfinder as a crucial part of our video team. She’s been capturing and creating for Glens Falls Hospital during a time when the public needs information delivered clearly and concisely. When she’s not designing, shooting or editing, she’s coding. Like, if Streisand were in advertising, basically.Tarloy, Tater Tot, Travis, Tay-Tay. The fact that Mr. Jarvis will answer to any of these is a testament to his easygoing nature, and that shows in his work. He’s there to get the shot: light it, mic it, record it, edit it, make it into something memorable.

His sweet dulcet tones can be heard in voiceovers for Paul Smith’s College and Nathan Littauer Hospital, putting his theatre background to good use from the socially distant comforts of his home studio. Without a camera to hold, he’ll be working with his hands or hammering out chords on the piano. More mac-and-cheese than man, his passion for pasta is legendary.Some folks let their design do the talking. Oliver’s illustrative chops are featured in projects from the White Mountains of New Hampshire to the hop fields of Washington.

This winter he was behind the lens, on location at five different resorts, doubling our still capture for Vail—a responsibility he took on by request, and executed on beautifully. He shot in the rain, in single-digit temperatures, after dark, and worked with and around his colleagues.

In his quiet, efficient way, Oliver improves all of the projects he’s involved with—logo design, character creation, merchandise, smoldering, off-camera looks. He delivers.If it involves page numbers, Terese is interested. Publication design is her specialty, and she’s recently created swatchbooks for Finch Paper, annual reports for the Adirondack Foundation, newsletters for SerioüsFun, collateral for Cobleskill, and reports for the Workforce Development Institute.

She’s not all pubs, though. Terese has been creating ads for the Adirondack Council, Glens Falls National Bank and High Falls Gorge. She always asks the right questions, and the answers allow her to create a successful solution.You’d think that social distancing might come easily to someone as quiet as Kacey, but the reality is that she needs an audience to appreciate her low-volume snark. If you’re paying attention, the zingers come in high and tight, throwing you off balance while asking yourself, “Did she just say…?”

Kacey’s approach to design is as targeted as her commentary. Whether she’s playing a supporting role, supplying motion graphics for a larger project, launching a campaign like Small is Powerful (above) or taking a job across the finish line all on her own, her talent is enormous.Alli is a designer’s designer. She works hard to understand the needs of a given communication challenge, and then grinds until the task is done, the communication problem solved, the results beautiful.

Her work for Oneonta has won over a challenging constituency, her design for Glens Falls Hospital has continued amid challenging conditions, and her support of L.E.A.P. in Washington county has yielded some meaningful content for parents to use while keeping their kids safe at home.Our eagle eye has remained steadfast in her duties as proofreader, catching typos and double-checking URLs as quickly as they cross her desk.

Anyone who knows Trish, understands that she stands on ceremony. Three staff birthdays have been celebrated since our agency began working remotely, and on each occasion, Trish coordinated Zoom conference laughs, ukulele-accompanied songs and hand delivered sweets to celebrate the day. She is good for morale, in the best possible way, no matter the circumstance.Shortest internship ever, and that’s really all you need to know. Kaitlin joined the Tramps, officially, on an island in Lake George, and has never looked back. In the past few months, she has been a logo machine, cranking out marks for the NYSDEC, Double H Ranch, Lake George Expedition Park, and more.

Her work for Paul Smith’s College continues to reinforce the school’s approach of experiential learning. Kaitlin spent some time slopeside this year, camera in hand, capturing for Vail Resorts. Her photographer/designer/illustrator triple-threat status has been confirmed.After a winter full of detail wrangling: talent procurement, capture scheduling, shot lists, prop management, food and beverage logistics, and more, Emma sharpened her skis one final time and called it a season.

She’s turned her attention to clients outside of the winter adventure industry: working to build the L.E.A.P. social presence, and provide useful content to kids and parents in Washington County. She’s been helping the Adirondack Council deliver the message that stewardship is more important than ever in these socially distant times where usage is increased, and the Adirondacks are overrun. Speaking of running over, we’re hoping that High Falls Gorge is able to open, as Emma has been working on elements to improve the HFG experience, as well.The heart and soul of our creative team has been doing a very different kind of work. Staci (and Karl) welcomed Kayden to the world on March 12 shortly before statewide shutdowns and school closures went into effect. They’ve been sheltering in place as a family, just like the rest of us. You picked a wild time to arrive, little man.