Vector in Place

Keep the content fresh. Even a global catastrophe is no reason to post anything stale. The Tramps challenged one another to market their personal shelter-in-place locations. What’s the best part about where you are?

You can almost hear the Sinatra in this fifties throwback by Allison, who puts the kitch in kitchenette. The Stardust in Ballston Spa has everything you need, without overdoing it on amenities.


The man-bun in profile. Lit by monitor, and comparable to squirrel tail in only the best ways. Five weeks of power line views at Oliver’s Hudson Heights.


Even the chairs are easy in Saratoga Springs. Elwood checks in on Rob’s design work and the occasional pedestrian from his window office.


No quaran-time like the present for a little rearranging. Try some of Paula’s decorating tips.


Leslie has her own personal accompanist on lockdown. Booch on baby grand will help make this rest more musical.


Mik designed her own poster, and we’re ready for a trip to the Green Mountain State to see everyone’s favorite blue-eyed dancing boy!


Forest and Finch are ready for visitors at the lake! Kaitlin must be looking forward to sunsets from the eastern shore this summer.


Relax in Rotterdam at the café Terese calls home. Just don’t take her favorite mug!


Wide open Washington County views await you at Alli’s place. Barn good design right there.


Live acoustic covers with the Magee girls, and all the Netflix you can binge.


Leave your skis on the front porch and cozy up inside Thunderbird Lodge. Derek will pour you a whiskey.


Apartment living at its finest can be yours, and yours alone. Taylor’s take on all the fun of solitude.


This reads like an immersive camp for referees. Luckily, Megan is an expert in diplomacy.


Send a postcard from picturesque Troy, New York. Kacey has it covered—destinations within a destination!

Emma handled her own approach to B&B living. Luckily, her sister’s sheltering with her for company.


A classic from Trish. No edits here, just pineapples, watercolor, and wordplay.


Lastly, a Valiquette bookend—getting some serious Sgt. Peppers vibes off of this one. While we feel like we’re in the Lonely Hearts Club, we’re banding together in ways like this to share this experience of being apart. Connecting, encouraging, critiquing and just creating. Make your space a destination too!