Printing is in the Details

We’re always excited to get print samples. We were particularly eager to get print samples of the recent Adirondack Council Planned Giving brochure. We knew this would be the perfect project to have printed using UV Printing with the beautiful landscape photography used throughout.

UV printing is a commercial printing process that uses ultraviolet curing technology. The special inks used dry quickly when exposed to ultraviolet light. The quick dry time means very little evaporation and almost no absorption of the ink into the paper. The ink sits on top, creating vibrant, crisp images. Best of all, there is no smudge, eliminating the need to add costly protective coatings! This printing process is considered green technology since the ink dries immediately and releases no VOCs into the environment.

Two brochures presented on a wood background. Demonstrating the value of UV printing for photo heavy pieces.
We also chose a print vendor that offers Printreleaf. Printreleaf is a certification system that measures the paper consumption of a print project, calculates the forest impact of that paper consumption, and automatically reforests the paper footprint. We knew this was a win-win combo with conservancy and preservation at the forefront of the Adirondack Council‘s mission.