Forced Change Can Reveal Positive Growth

A photo of bright green blades of grass with a dandelion in the foreground.
I’ve been trying to take in space around me and playing around with my camera.

We are often told not to fall in love with the first idea or design. Many times, if you challenge yourself to think past that first idea, you land on a new concept that is different and flexible. Exploring how many ways you can pivot a thought or the oddest thing you can think of—seriously, finding the unpredictable can be where you find inspiration. The first idea might be the best, but unless you examine all the other options, it is hard to know.

As we take in the world around us, it has become evident that we all have a creative bone in our bodies. We are seeing what we can make for dinner without making a trip to the store. We are finding new crafts to do. We are baking things we’ve never baked before, and we are finding new ways to be together.

While our “normal” has temporarily shifted, we are experiencing things that we didn’t know we were missing. We are missing experiences we never gave a second thought. We were jumping for that first idea. And while we may have believed life before was everything it could be, if we hadn’t spent this time trying out different things, how did we know?

Once we figure out how to get past COVID, some people will go back to normal, and some will not. It goes back to not settling for the first idea. Appreciating how our lives are better because of the time spent exploring different thoughts, odd creations, and the changes that COVID brought. 

We all want to get past COVID. It’s ok to take your time. It’s ok not to rush back. Try to enjoy the experience. We are not saying it is easy; being creative never is, but allow yourself to be open to the possibility of change. Be flexible and see where this roller coaster goes.