A reintroduction:

Trampoline helps companies and organizations make the most of any situation. Even when faced with remote-work challenges, video conference buffering, and parenting-while-creating, these seven clients have used their Q2 wisely. They’re making adjustments, or acquisitions, and are communicating their position in the best way imaginable.  

Pick your path

First things first ^ fruit pun! The Pacific Northwest was our national COVID-19 harbinger. Eric and Shelley at CLS Farms knew that restaurant closings and stay-at-home orders would effect the craft brewing market.

So they began growing more than just hops. And, of course it’s organic—fresh from Moxee! This was our first project to be critiqued virtually, in mid-March and proved to be the workflow template that would function for many second quarter projects.

Keep on truckin’

Shaker Logistics was mid-rebrand, with new facilities under construction and a business model that was split into shipping and strategy. Shaker Logistics was born, mid-pandemic, and after a brief pause in development so that the company could fill some early gaps in the national supply chain, we rolled out their new look.

^ I will see your fruit pun and raise you a transport double entendre.

Combine + thrive

Finch Paper’s acquisition of French Paper has been a bold foray into the specialty paper market for the Glens Falls mill. For us, it’s been a chance to combine Crosby & Associates custom ligatures with the Charles S. Anderson Design Co retro flair. Finch has been working on ways to communicate their expanded line of offerings, while staying true to the French Paper signature style.


Change gears

It’s a florist and a bike shop and I’ve had it up to here with the damn wordplay, but, here we are. Definitely one of the most unique retail establishments in the Adirondacks, and a big supporter of events like the Black Fly Challenge. Pedals + Petals will emerge from quarantine with a new look. And business, as the kids say, is off the chain. Bikes are the new toilet paper.


Glow up

A national health emergency definitely had an impact on a camp for immuno-compromised kids. Luckily, the incredible staff at Double H Ranch was quick to react—launching a curriculum that would bring all the positivity of the SerioüsFun experience right to a camper’s doorstep.

This year’s theme will serve as the guiding light to help bring the magic of the Double H Ranch to their campers. The alternative and virtual programming will give campers the tools and resources needed to continue to help them become more independent, resilient and confident, but in a way that allows them to create their own camp experience at home with their families.


Stay true to you

Our entire way of life has changed. It happened quickly, and will continue for the foreseeable future. It also seems that now is a time to take a side. To stand for something. Organizations should clearly communicate their ideals, and let people know about priorities.

Paul Smith’s College has been challenged in the same way schools across the country have, but they remain committed to brand pillars like being resourceful, passionate, and motivated. And so it was that their Center for Sustainability has been elevated and celebrated.