Design Deferred

…with apologies to Langston Hughes.

Today, July 13th, marks 4 months since we locked up our studio and began to create remotely. Home office setups became the place for designing-while-parenting, pet photobombs, and laundry debacles… while each Zoom Conference / Google Meet / Microsoft Teams streamed it all for clients and coworkers alike.

We use all three, by the way: Zoom, Microsoft, and Google, in order of preference (and depending on the client). For our team, it’s not the same as it was, by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s better than going it alone.

Since March, we’ve had a great many projects put on, shall we say, indefinite pause.

SUNY’s Cultivate Your Growth agriculture event, to be held in New York City, was an early cancellation.

The Axe Jam and the Roller Drag Racing—both events part of a Saturday/Sunday extravaganza in the Poconos—were chopped from the lineup.

A fundraising event in honor of the late Dave Shea was put on hold, in spite of the awesome line-art illustration by Anabel Choi. 

Everyone’s favorite combination of Bud Light, reggae music and soaking wet skiers never got off the ground at Mount Snow.

While Attitash is scheduled to open for some socially distant, responsible White Mountain adventures, the summer brochure never made it past the proofing stage.

Lastly, not a day of these four months has passed without the thought of this 80’s weekend promo jam. Here’s to simpler times.