“Am Tramp, will travel.”

When it’s good, marketing is a conversation between business and customer. When it’s bad, it fails to adapt and gets left behind. Advertising succeeds when it fits into the ebbs and flows of life in a way that enhances it, challenges it, finds ways to make it better. We pivot our process and work to stay ahead of the pack. We pivot on-set when something inevitably goes awry.


When COVID first hit the Tramps dispersed to our homes and safe spaces, taking with us our office setups and treasured desk photos. We didn’t know when we would see each other again in person, and suddenly pivoting didn’t feel the same. It was no longer a strategy. Instead, it was the only option.


As time went on and things fell into their new rhythm, our reimagined “office” became a virtual collection of living rooms, spare bedrooms, office spaces, and kitchen tables. Logos were sketched, developed, and critiqued among breaks to get supplies from the store, sewing homemade masks, or taking care of kids that were just as stressed as us. Life had changed, but our mission of supporting great organizations never did. The Tramps kept moving forward.


Ten minutes after an internal crit, my family received that dreaded call about a loved one being admitted to the hospital-hundreds of miles away. And so I pivoted. Packed up what I could think to grab without knowing yet how long I would be away from home, and with bags of clothes and face masks came my traveling Tramp office.


We’ve often prided ourselves on being a team of travelers; whether for work or for play, there’s always a Tramp out there somewhere finding a way to see the world, and while the circumstances of hitting the road this time wasn’t for the sake of a grand adventure, it brought out the best in this team, as it always does.


A couple computers in an office nestled in the heart of Glens Falls became a creative mobile unit; passing through the lushness of the Adirondacks, over the George Washington Bridge, criss-crossed about The Bronx, and I’m halfway to buying some souvenir bumper stickers for my rig just to show off the miles we’ve traveled together.


But those miles were only possible because of the way we Tramps are in the first place: as passionate about the work we do as we are for our team. Without the team unit, our work is just like everything else out there, our strategy not as strong, our visual creative weak. The team is what makes us the best we can be for our clients, whether we’re sitting right next to each other or miles apart. While I kept up with work as a welcome distraction, I knew if I needed to I could call on a teammate at any time for support. While taking care of my family my Tramps were on stand-by to take care of me.


In a time when there is so much uncertainty, there are the Tramps. We work hard for each other and our clients. We go the extra step because it’s not optional to us. We pivot because it makes our clients better. If we need to stand tall and strong, we’re rocks. If we need to go, we’re hitting the road and not looking back.