Tramp, but make it A-list.

Seven months after laying down a bunt on the world’s biggest curveball, our team continues to tweak processes—proposals, presentations, critiques, and concepting sessions. We’re designing, writing, editing, and collaborating like we always have, just in a very different environment.

Environments plural. These days, we’re up in Winooski, Vermont, south as far as Hudson, New York and East to the New England coastline in Maine.

Agency culture is a big part of any workplace. The chemistry between team members, the exponential creative growth that happens when minds combine on a project. Working remotely means playing to each other’s strengths, with less cross-pollination of skills. But, we’re trying to find [more] ways to interact. We’re not really a virtual happy hour crew, but we have held two home-office cocktail parties. One on St. Patrick’s day, March 17th—which seems like a lifetime ago at this point. And a second, sometime in September.

On that occasion, Derek came loaded-for-conversation with a two-finger pour over ice and doppelgänger photography fodder. One after one, Tramps lit up as Derek served up suggestions and the deliberation of Who Would Play You in a Movie? commenced. Screens were shared, mics were unmuted, rabbit-holes were descended.

After a robust discussion, and negotiations with agents, publicists and attorneys, we proudly present the cast list for Trampoline: the Movie.

Leading Ladies are famously tough to cast, but for us it was pretty easy. Amanda Peet and Christina Applegate were suggested early in the search.


The right supporting cast can make or break any title. Cameron Diaz and Marcia Gay Harden add some celebrity firepower to the account side of the agency.


The strong, silent type: as talented as they are mysterious. J.Law. and J. Mac. are perfect to play Kasey and Oliver. Light on dialogue, heavy on performance.


Rob got doppelgänged-up on with the Josh Groban casting. And we doubt Kate Beckinsale could possibly be as nice as Staci…time to show us the acting chops.


Our resident blond bombshell, Taylor, portrayed by the fair Ian McDonough, and Allison’s lookalike: Olivia Colman from Broadchurch (BBC) and The Crown (Netflix).


The Proofer Wears Prada, when Meryl is cast as Trish. After much discussion, Emma was cast as actor Miriam Shor.


We put Scar Jo in the role of Leslie, and everyone agreed that Terese looked like Sofia Milos from CSI Miami. Understudy: Troy Polamalu of Pittsburgh Steelers fame.


Alli’s comparisons to Emma Kenney from Shameless stretch back to her college days. Casting Kaitlin as Cate Blanchette was one of our first decisions.


BOTTOM BILLING: A little Lloyd Dobler love for Derek. Both he and John Cusak have raced the K-12 on one ski. Sean’s girls are convinced that he’s Lord Grantham from Masterpiece’s Downton Abbey—actor Hugh Bonneville.