An update: New Year, New Opportunity, New Intern into New Employee

This has been an unprecedented year, to say the least. We’re thrilled to enter into 2021 with open minds and an open internship position! Due to Covid-19, we’re working remotely, so you will be, too. We’re seeking an enthusiastic, self-motivated, creative individual who isn’t afraid to raise their hand with good ideas or ask for work if they are light.

We hope to give our intern as much real-world experience as possible. We will involve you in critiques, meetings, and may even have you present if the opportunity arises. An affinity for website design and motion graphics is a bonus!

This position is for credit only, but we hope you’ll come away with some great work for your portfolio, an immense number of ridiculous memes, and 17 new colleagues.

If interested, please send your cover letter, resume, and portfolio to [email protected]. Application deadline is March 1.



Our intern has been Abi Garrand. Her internship has ended, and her employment at Tramp has begun.

A text thread of an intern thanking the team  for a wonderful evaluation.