From laid-off to fitting in

Life is a journey, and mine started in Upstate New York. It’s taken my traveling spirit on twists and turns to places far and wide—the latest is my position at Trampoline. But before I get too far into my Trampoline post, I need to share a little backstory.

2020, COVID-19, and the job market

I’d say 2020 was the most pivotal year of my life. I‘d just wrapped up an incredible time with Americorps, using my communications degree from the University of Buffalo to create a college and career center with the school counselors at San Diego High School. I mentored students through their decision process on which path to take and identify the best college for them.

A woman enjoying the benefits of remote work with an excursion to Death Valley.
Exploring Death Valley.

I realized I was manifesting my dream of living in a new city and giving back to a community that became my own. My next role was with an experiential marketing agency, where I worked my way to Operations Manager with ease. My position was remote before COVID-19 made remote work necessary (foreshadowing, it made everything I didn’t know was coming not so foreign.)

A woman sits with a dog wearing. bandana infant of a snow covered Mount Hood.
Mount Hood with my canine pal, Wiz.

Remote work highs and lows

  • Work from anywhere
  • Try new things and places
  • Control my schedule
  • Can feel lonely

Remote work allowed me to live anywhere. I’d started my West Coast adventure in California, and soon I was heading north to Portland to be closer to my sister in Seattle.

Event and people management, combined with understanding the impact of live events on brand awareness was a niche in which I thrived. I witnessed how each piece of an organization contributes to the overall workings of a company and how to maintain, and sometimes recalibrate, internal and external harmony even across Zoom.

Two women with conference lanyards stand outside of a trade show for the Fancy Food Show.
Back when live events were still a thing.

The cost of COVID

The impact COVID had on my life, both professionally and personally, made me want to return home to my family and friends in New York. The pandemic put a halt to live events worldwide. The agency I worked for was unable to provide its sole service. We pivoted to build and offer influencer marketing. Although the circumstances were daunting, it was amazing to see a group of people work together to turn the ship and face the unknown. Optimism and focus nurture the resilience of yourself and those around you.

After settling in Saratoga, I was laid off from the company as it couldn’t sustain the impact COVID had on the events industry. However, during my unemployment, I was able to rediscover my passions and rethink my future. I wanted to make a living and give back.

Redefining my why post-COVID

I learned about myself through the challenges of COVID-19.

  • I’m adaptive, willing to lean into the unknown.
  • My education, life experiences and, values equip me for anything I may face.
  • Change doesn’t scare me. I’m more than open to it, I thrive and encourage it.
  • We learn to let go and surrender to possibility when we stare change in the face.

Coming back to my roots and continuing my career in a new industry is a win after a challenging hike. I’ve returned triumphantly to the area I love, buoyed with strength and gratitude.

I don’t just identify Trampoline as incredible because of the work we produce, and it’s also because of the people that make up the team and how we collaborate. The company culture is one that I’m so blessed to enjoy. We are a group of dreamers, resourceful thinkers, and adventure seekers.

A trio of female coworkers wit socially distanced at an outdoor venue.
My first time meeting some of my co-workers in-person at an outdoor happy hour at Common Roots.

May my story inspire you to follow your dreams, push the envelope, and believe you can do anything you put your mind to. If a spark presents itself, just follow the light.