Making music during a pandemic:

The changes we have witnessed and survived through COVID-19 have been business-altering across all industries. There were unimaginable losses that we mourned, while others passed largely unnoticed. The introduction of musical instruments to elementary school students was a potential casualty of lockdown.

Salvaging opportunities for music education

When the pandemic forced us to stay home, we had to pivot, relearning ways to communicate with each other virtually. As stay-at-home continued and remote learning and work became the new normal, we witnessed a culture shift in what could be taught, and learned, while remaining distanced. COVID-19 robbed kids of many traditional school experiences, John Keal Music was determined to not let the introduction to musical instruments be one of them.

One of our first pandemic productions shoots was to create videos for John Keal Music, with a goal of helping elementary students choose an instrument for school when they couldn’t see, feel, or hear them in person.

Hand drawn storyboard of proposed frames for a video about elementary school students and musical instruments.

Safety precautions for video shoots

Not only were we creating an avenue for these students, but we were also taking on the challenge of staging a production featuring instruments while remaining masked, distanced, and safe. Like other media industries, we had to come up with specific safety policies and practices to apply to our on-set video productions.

A three person video crew on location for a shoot in a music store wearing masks and practicing social distancing.
Once procedures were in place, we created a 10-minute and a 4-minute video giving students an in-depth review of the woodwind, percussion, and brass family of instruments. The videos delve into a bit of the history of each instrument followed by a brief introduction on how music is made by the player. John Keal musicians then showcase a piece from each instrument, showing off the beautiful, unique sounds that can be created.

Delivering music through the screen

The videos are educational, fun, and comprehensive in an easy-to-understand way. With videography, voice-over, and production, our team elevated the instrument-choosing process to maintain an element of lightheartedness during an uncertain time.
A video shoot during COVID featuring a flute instructor. The crew was masked and practiced social distancing.
Bringing music to kids in an accessible way is a crucial part of learning; helping to keep this important program going during the pandemic was an honor to Trampoline and an effort that we’re proud of.
As we operate in a reality that includes an ongoing pandemic, video and creativity will continue to play integral roles in how we support company’s efforts to engage safely and effectively with audiences.