Give Back on Giving Tuesday

We’re from a small community – Glens Falls, New York to be exact. And we live in an area surrounded by similar small communities, all of whom work together to support their own, as well as those around them. There are a multitude of ways to support local — to make a small change in your routine to make a big difference for your neighborhood, your community, and the area in which you live. One of those ways is to give back to non-profits and organizations that work among us to make our communities stronger, our people more resilient, and our streams and forests more sustainable for the future.

At Trampoline, we are fortunate to work with some of these groups, teaming up with them to improve their presence, with the hope that we can help raise awareness for each organization and help them reach their goals to support their respective missions. This Giving Tuesday, consider supporting one of these organizations.

Adirondack Council 

This year, our team worked with the Adirondack Council to build a design around the organization’s incredible Vision 2050, a comprehensive research document and plan that offers a way forward for the Adirondacks, environmentally, economically, and more. The plan gives an in-depth look at the challenges currently facing the Adirondack Park and, through research and interviews, recommendations for how to preserve the legacy and integrity of this place over the next 30 years. Help bring the vision to life here.



Glens Falls Hospital Foundation 

For Glens Falls Hospital Foundation’s year-end mailer, we focused on local college sweethearts Dave and Judy Collins and Judy’s recent diagnosis, which requires palliative care. Focusing on the incredible benefits of palliative care not only on the patient but also on the family, we highlighted these members of our community to shed light on our hometown hospital and the difference it makes in our area. Make your impact here.




Double H Ranch

Through the pandemic, the Double H Ranch has been resilient, just like its campers. Located in Lake Luzerne, New York, the Double H Ranch has continued to create innovative programs and safely bring camp to children through the past couple summers, rekindling the magic of camp, no matter the distance. To promote another summer of fun, Trampoline worked with Double H Ranch to create its summer 2021 logo and tagline, “Embrace Wonder”. Focused on the beauty of Adirondack nights under the stars, we captured the sense of awe that Double H Ranch embodies for campers and supporters alike. Discover more wonder here.



Williamstown Rural Lands

Williamstown Rural Lands (WRL) is a land conservation trust in Northwestern Massachusetts with a mission of protecting and conserving land for the benefit of the local communities and for future generations. Trampoline worked with the organization to rebrand (new logo, brand colors, brand standards, and brand typefaces) and also created a direct mailer to educate the community about WRL, encourage involvement/volunteering, and promote the use of the trails/properties that WRL manages. Prior to all of that, we also conducted field research by setting up and running group meetings with various community members, to gauge their awareness of WRL and collect real-world data from the community. Learn more about the organization here.



Adirondack Foundation

The Adirondack Foundation not only strives to build strong communities across the Adirondacks but also works to connect people with the places or people they care about the most, building relationships for meaningful philanthropy. We worked with the staff at the Foundation to build their annual report, a bright and impactful reflection of the work that they’ve accomplished over the past year, rising above the challenges that were presented. Create your relationship with the ADKs. 




Standing for Learning, Empowerment, Assistance, and Partnership, L.E.A.P. is a community agency in Washington County, New York, that supports and provides aid to families in need through a variety of programs. We’ve worked with L.E.A.P. to develop various campaigns to help raise funds and also raise awareness of their vital program. This holiday season, we helped them develop a social media campaign for Giving Tuesday. Leap, Give and Grow on their website.



Highgate Library and Community Center 

This Giving Tuesday, we wanted to donate our services to an organization that could use them to raise awareness for a campaign or end-of-year giving. While we went outside our own community, we kept it in the family when we chose the library and community center at which one of our employee’s spouse is the director. Highgate Library and Community Center is at the heart of the Highgate, Vermont community, providing services to this small town that they would otherwise not have at all. This year, they are raising funds for a newer, bigger library building to house more programs and more materials and we hope our bright and bold social media designs will help them reach their goal. To learn more about this small place with a big heart, visit their website here.