Bringing the Winter Stoke (and hopefully some snow too…)

D E C E M B E R 🏂⛷🙏

The most exciting month of the year. Fall turns into winter, snow gathers in the clouds and blankets the summits. Winter—the season we work toward for 10 months of the year—finally arrives.

At Trampoline, we’re fortunate to be able to follow our passions online and offline. Our client list runs the gamut of industries, but there’s a common denominator in the shop: we’re outdoorsy and we know it! It just so happens that 98% of our agency loves winter, and the other 2% join for après, so no person is left behind. Our internal campfire chat gets flooded with memes, dad jokes, old school photos, and miscellaneous fun facts about riding and the resorts we’ve been lucky enough to visit.

But most importantly, we always have someone to ping who’s willing to take a day OOO to seek the powder. A day filled with cold hands, glowy cheeks, and speed on the mountain. In moments like that, we can celebrate our snow clients, brainstorm new ideas, and most importantly, take Chairlift Meetings.

If you follow us, which we hope you do, our feed will most likely be filled with first-day faces, snow gun snaps, powder day props, and Traveling Tramps eager to get on the groomers, steeps, and glades and capture the magic of the mountains. We work really hard to master our craft. Cheers to all of our clients out in the wild celebrating winter. We’ll see you on the slopes✌️.