Why We Embrace Your Weird

Everyone’s a little weird, quirky, unique in their own way, right? Why not embrace those elements of our personality and bring them to the forefront, showcasing what makes us, well … us? Then, let’s apply that same mantra to business, putting the focus on the most distinctive parts of your brand so that it shines, standing out from the crowd, and reaching those who most identify with you. In a recent webinar with Catalate, Trampoline Partner and Creative Director Derek Slayton, along with Managing Director of Media Jen Roe, presented “Why Guest Loyalty Matters and How To Grow It”, aimed at connecting with your audience on a deeper level. To do so, Derek and Jen say, one must create relationships and interactions built on trust and effective communication to generate brand loyalty and sustainability.

While the strategy is not “one size fits all”, the concepts can be customized to create a strategy that works, and that’s where Trampoline excels. Our team loves a challenge and with our varied expertise in design, creative, and language, we work together to study your brand and define your position to deliver a cohesive brand message. We know that your audience and your loyal brand followers crave creativity, clarity, and consistency and it is our goal to deliver across your entire platform to build loyalty and consumer confidence.

Once your audience feels an authentic connection with your message, you can then create urgency and, for lack of a better term, FOMO, to increase sales and visibility. Maintaining clear and honest communication, messaging, and options is a vital part of the connection, ensuring your consumers feel “in the know”.
Last but not least, is the creation and marketing of killer merchandise. Wearable advertising for your loyal customers to display and proudly show off, a continuation of your consistent message that invites the consumer to be a greater part of. Merchandise creates nostalgia, encourages storytelling and reminds the consumer of your brand even when they aren’t there. The moral of the story? Embrace your weird, show off your quirks, find your people and provide them with the feeling and the sense that they are part of your team. In a fast-paced world of constant connection, authenticity and confidence in your message are crucial to getting and maintaining a consumer base that gets you.
To learn more or schedule a presentation for your team, contact Jen Roe at [email protected].