Super Bowl Sunday’s Big Winner: Advertisers

Whether you’re in it for the game, the snacks, the music, or the ads, there’s a little something for everyone during the Super Bowl. For us advertisers, and most people really, it’s a time for the world of advertising to shine. When commercials, typically not the viewers’ favorite part of a program, get their well-deserved (and very expensive) minutes or even seconds to make their mark. Commercials aren’t the only ads either, as chest placements, sleeve patches, stadium dasher boards, entertainment sponsorships, etc. can play monumental roles in these showcase opportunities for airtime. In the end, it’s the ultimate showcase of creativity, not only for brand awareness but maybe, more importantly, entertainment value. Below, a page from a site design we did for Nielsen Sports.
2021 Super Bowl Ad for Nielsen Sports
Nielsen measures the value of specific media placement, in terms of eyeballs that it impacts and the cumulative reach

For 2022’s experience, no expense was spared. From the incredible SoFi stadium to the star-studded HalfTime show, we saw star-power in every facet of the production, including the commercials. Familiar faces were showing up in every type of ad: well-known brands with beloved heroes, new name companies with cutting-edge concepts, nostalgic reunions, head-scratchers, comedic gold, unexpected cameos, crowd-pleasing montages, big-production trailer premieres, we tasted it all.

There were hits, there were misses, but in the end, it’s entertainment, conversation, and an element of escapism and much-needed, light-hearted (somewhat nonsensical) amusement that we needed. A 6-hour time-span viewing of the top-of-the-class advertising brainpower sprinkled with football and old-school LA hip-hop.

The golden question is: what has you talking this morning? What stuck through it all? What commercial had you smiling/ listening/ thinking, AND you remember who the advertiser was?
Standouts for some of our teammates:

“Eugene Levy with the long hair driving the Nissan was cracking me up.”- Oliver
“Larry David ad …”- Kristin
“Predictable here, but I enjoyed the Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan spot.”- Amanda
“Coinbase’s bouncing QR code worked well in the Magee house.”- Sean
“The LeBron crypto one. Purely because the memes that have come out of it – not the scary de-aged face.”- Rob
“The Michelob Big Lebowski ad with Serena/Jesus was fun.”- Michele
“So many good ones! I liked The New Frontier for Salesforce with good ol’ Matthew.”- Kait

“The NFL one with the mini players that popped out of the t.v. … ‘we done killed Gramma’.”- Paula

Everyone has their favorite ad… what’s yours? Or, flip the coin and tell us what you hated.