Intern Interview Insights

As our team gears up to hire a summer design intern, we touched base with actual intern turned current Trampoline employee, Abi Garrand, to find out some real-world tips and insights for the interview process. Abi was an intern in the summer of July 2021 and is currently balancing life as a senior at The College of Saint Rose while also taking on the role of Junior Graphic Designer at Trampoline.

Here’s what Abi had to say:

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions: I was a little nervous to ask for help when I needed it in the very beginning. I’m a very independent person who likes a challenge, but I soon realized that Trampoline is a TEAM, and teams help each other to reach the goal. Not to mention, everything I was being assigned to do was pretty new to me—it would be insane for me not to have questions. I eventually realized all of the Tramps have big hearts, they wanted me here for a reason, and I was a part of that team, even as an intern.

2. Be Yourself: Trampoline is filled with so many different people and personalities, no matter who you are, you’re going to fit in. I remember my very first morning meeting on Zoom was a birthday huddle. The call was intimidating at first, but by the end of it, I couldn’t have imagined a better introduction than to participate in a big, virtual, animated party. Everyone is relaxed, a bit goofy, and serious when needed. Just don’t be afraid to show what you can bring to the table.

3. Do Your Research: Educate yourself on what people are working on, discover what has been through the shop, and what’s coming up. I found that by being in the loop on a project, I was able to better understand conversations happening on Basecamp (our online database). When I received two of my first tasks, I looked around in the archived files for those clients to get a better grip on their brands. I promise if you have a good feel of the brand you’re working on, not much can go wrong.

4. Practice Mock Interviews:  It’s always better to be prepared. Make sure you know how to talk about your work, the concept, the theme, your background research—whatever someone could possibly ask you, make sure you have an answer. Grab a friend, present your work to them in a confident and professional manner, and have them ask you some questions! Make sure to throw in some non-design questions too, such as: What do you like to do in your free time? What’s your favorite band? Or what makes you the right person for this internship?

At the end of the day, preparation goes a long way but so does showing your true self. At Trampoline, we thrive on the different personalities, opinions, backgrounds, expertise, and enthusiasm each of us bring to the (in-person and virtual) table. We look forward to meeting you as we begin our interview process.