Ideas that Move, Commitments that Matter

At Trampoline, we’re a team of passionate individuals. While we are each unique in upbringing, background, and experience, we are fortunate to share a passion and inherent sense of responsibility for the environment. Whether we’re biking, hiking, skiing, riding, gardening, walking, caring for our pets, traveling, or exploring, there’s a collective theme—an appreciation for this Earth and where we reside on it.

“We are committed to doing better.” – Paula Slayton, Partner

To that end, we are in the midst of a shift to a more purposeful focus on what we can do for our staff, clients, and community that also does good for the planet. So, in honor of Earth Day, we’re sharing that we’ve recently become a member of 1% For the Planet, making a commitment to accountability, partnership building, and doing better.

As part of our membership, we’re proud to give 1% of our annual revenue back to environmental nonprofits working on today’s most pressing climate issues. In addition to doing what we can to support our community, our neighbors, and the clients that we work with, we are optimistic that through this partnership, our efforts to lessen our footprint can have a ripple effect.

While just one step toward a more sustainable business model, it is our hope that this effort can help solidify our commitment to creating a unique, honest, and safe work environment, leading by example, and doing our share to give back to our planet.

Happy Earth Day today and every day.