Ads on the Move

Ads are all about visibility, right? Then what’s better than an ad that moves? Utilizing buses, shuttles, trucks, and taxi cabs, we can mobilize advertising, creating colorful, eye-catching experiences on the go. Mobile advertising, in this case, literally makes your ideas move. Over the years, Trampoline has designed various campaigns for different types of transportation, from higher ed to ski resorts to logistics companies. All have the same goals in mind, to reach more people, in more unique ways, in the flesh.

To create a new look and brand for the city of Oneonta, Trampoline focused on four characteristics: adventurous, artistic, delicious, unique. These adjectives became the campaign’s highlight and were used to create a suite of digital ads and a landing page to help get the word out, including bus wraps. We wanted to give Oneonta not just a logo, but a mark that provided them with a sense of identity that truly reflects the city and materials to match. The city made the most of the mobile advertising throughout its public transportation system and also as a moving billboard or backdrop for public events.

city transit bus with Oneonta branding and typography on the side

woman running with stroller with Oneonta billboard behind her

High Falls Gorge
At High Falls Gorge, truck graphics were requested to provide added visibility to their main business vehicle. The company had an idea in mind for the truck wrap but needed our help to simplify and streamline the graphics, as well as the process. Working together, we created visuals that were easy to read and recognize in the parking lot, which is along a busy route, bringing more attention to the brand.

pick up truck with High Falls Gorge branding on the side

back of pick up truck with High Falls Gorge branding on the side
Shaker Logistics
For Shaker Logistics, trucks and transport are an essential part of their logistics business, so it was a no-brainer to create moving advertisements out of their own vehicles. More importantly, we wanted to create something that was highly visible, recognizable, and easy to understand, even when you’re passing this truck going 75 MPH down a freeway. Utilizing their bold blue and white colors, typography, and brand design, we created a cohesive system for their cabs as well as their cargo.

close up of Shaker Logistics brand on the side of a truck cab

Shaker Logistics branding on the tractor trailer portion of the truck

SUNY Cobleskill
For SUNY Cobleskill College of Agriculture and Technology, mobile advertising took the shape of a food delivery service van, a vehicle that also doubled as an eye-catching display at educational conferences and college fairs. The “Learning in Motion” tagline couldn’t be more appropriate for this particular usage.

delivery van with Cobleskill branding and bright colors covering the vehicle and the words "Learning in Motion"

Windham Mountain
One of Windham Mountain‘s key target audiences is New York City—people seeking an escape to a ski resort upstate that is within driving distance and can satisfy their cravings for a winter retreat. Knowing that the resort wanted to capture that audience, we worked to secure an ad campaign on NYC taxi cab tops as well as within moving sidewalk advertisements. These places have high visibility and high traffic—landing the message to escape to the mountains while immersed in the stresses of day-to-day living.

WIndham Mountain moving ads on top of NYC taxis

WIndham moving video ads on top of NYC taxis

At the end of the day, where there’s an audience to reach, we’ll find a way to reach it. Think beyond the computer screen, the phone, the newspaper to where you can make an impression where someone might least expect it.